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5 stars
KingMitch Beacon Theatre, New York

They were ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. They are my favorite band of all time and it felt so electrifying there, I was so energized and had one of the best days of my life

5 stars
estephana Abraham Chavez Theatre, El Paso

The concert was amazing. The environment, the setlist the sound. All of it, i really enjoyed it.


5 stars
Churro88 Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville

This was my first concert and I have to say it was amazing!

Paramore was AMAZING!!!!

5 stars
zinonie Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

From beginning to end, Haley Williams is non stop entertainment. She is full of energy, passionate about her music and sings like no other. I have seen Paramore several times and have never been disappointed. This time I was able to bring my nieces and my three daughters. We are all huge fans and we cannot stop talking about how great Paramore was!

Dedicated, Consistent & Commiteed 150%!

5 stars
SweetD Abraham Chavez Theatre, El Paso

The Paramore "Writing the Future" show was FANTASTIC! My daughter & I drove from Chandler, AZ to see them play again! That's a huge compliment to Paramore as El Paso is a "I spent a week there one night" kind of place! As usual, they did not disappoint. Hayley, Jeremy, Taylor, Justin et al are all so talented! They sound so INCREDIBLE live! They sounded better live than they sound on their cd's so that tells you just how talented, committed and awesome this group is. Hayley continues to nurture her voice because she sounded top notch even when out of breath from dancing and running around! Jeremy & Taylor's guitar playing ROCKED THE HOUSE! Love the BASS-SLAPPING! You HEAR their passion for music when they play; you SEE it when they play and most impressive is that they are so darn grateful for their talent, opportunities and audience. It comes through in their music, body language, eyes and stage presence. Hayley remained consistent with interacting with the audience! That girl has presence and she knows it! I LOVE that she looks with soft eyes from the audience's perspective because she ALWAYS delivers exactly what you are expecting. The DRUMMER was so amazing! His playing, enthusiasm and passion totally came out in the music and he was TOTALLY feelin it!!! And the LIGHT SHOW was total EYE CANDY! Great light show! The first time I saw Paramore was in Phoenix in April 2011 at Comerica w/ Kitten, and I was most impressed! 4 years later and I'm STILL BLOWN away! They are seriously top notch! I mean, up there with the best of the best - Boston, Alan Parsons Project, Toto, Kansas, Van Halen, 10,000 Maniacs, U2, Morrisey, Psychedelic Furs, Iron Maiden, etc. Paramore, I'm a 48-yr-old Mom who is totally digging your craft and excellent musicianship and I am totally enjoying your live performances, cd's and videos with my 15-year old daughter who introduced me to you when she was 11. Keep up the great, top 3% work. All of the favorites were played. I especially LOVED the ACOUSTIC versions of songs including Misguided Ghosts. Hey, it takes serious talent to play acoustically during a live show and WOW! Hayley, Justin and Taylor DO NOT DISAPPOINT! I hope they continue some of their shows in these kind of venues. Though I love getting in the trenches and rocking out at out some of the pavilion shows, it is also nice to step it up and enjoy watching and hearing them play in an upgraded venue. Why? Because they deserve it and it's nice where you can enjoy every single detail involving each performer, instrument, and Haley's dialogue/monologue since the audience is a bit more respectful due to the environment. And, I just LOVE Hayley's dancing and that she's totally rocking out with music in places that most people don't hear! Hey, it takes talent! Gotta appreciate musicians who practice daily and keep it 150% EVERY SINGLE TIME they perform! That's not easy & Parmore has it mastered! AMAZING TOP NOTCH Show!!! Once again, Paramore delivers and DOES NOT DISAPPOINT!!!!