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Paramore Literally Rocked!

5 stars
MadiMatchboxTwentyFan Xfinity Center, Mansfield

I bought my Monumentour tickets 5 months ago, and it was definitely worth the wait! They played 14 songs, and did at least one from every album. Most were from Riot! or Paramore. They shot confetti like every 3 songs, and in love to catch it to remind me of how amazing it was. They had little confetti and long strips that got stuck to the top of the covering over some of the seats. It even blew into the walkway between the covered and open seats! Hayley had so, SO ,uh energy, it was unbelievable! Two girls ("The LOL Sisters") made a sign that asked them to get picked to sing for "Misery Business," and it felt like what you would see on a concert DVD. Overall, lots of beach balls, confetti, head banging, flips, and dancing. You should buy Paramore tickets if you're lucky enough to have them come to your area!

Awesome experience

5 stars
melziva Viejas Arena at Aztec Bowl San Diego State University, San Diego

I must say, I was not a major Paramore fan going into this concert. I actually am a HUGE fan of Hellogoodbye and Metric (the opening acts) and that's why I went. Not the best idea because Paramore played triple time compared to both acts together. Anyway, Paramore played a total of 21 songs!! For being on stage, far away from many audience members, Hayley Williams did a magnificent job of getting the audience involved. It makes the concert that much greater when you feel like you're getting some one-on-one time with the artist/band. The energy was like no concert I've ever been to before. INCREDIBLE ENERGY from Paramore, the opening acts, and even the audience. I've got to say, Paramore fans are intense. Also, parents, be aware that for concerts like this, at arenas like the Aztec Bowl at SDSU, beer is sold. Inside the arena there was also a distinguishable smell of weed. Well, those kinds of people are part of the Paramore-audience so what can you do? Leaving this concert, I then went and downloaded all of their 4 albums. Now a fan ;) I would totally go see them in concert again if given the opportunity.

Paramore aka the best band ever!!!!

5 stars
racheland42 Honda Center, Anaheim

Paramore is my absolute favorite band on the planet. Hayley Williams is not only my idol but a wonderful singer and just rounded the night to pure perfection. This is my second time seeing them and they never could disappoint. I may have even teared up a little because not only were they great but some of the messages their lyrics have just hit home. It was an incredible night I can never forget and was definitely worth missing my junior year homecoming.

Paramore was beyond my wildest dreams

5 stars
Pink62 Austin360 Amphitheater, Austin

I was looking forward to this concert for so very long. In the end- I could not have been more pleased. The energy, the spectacle, the fun. I will always see Paramore when they come to my town from now on. The only thing I will do different is skip the chairs and go stand in the floor because I danced the whole concert anyway.

Paramore was unforgettable!!

5 stars
ElynNY Madison Square Garden, New York

The Self-Titled Tour at MSG was the best!!! Paramore has proven that they are truly a band that have stuck together through the ups and down! Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor we unforgettable. Hayley's vocals were amazing the guys were shining brightly too. Wonderful concert worth every penny and I can't wait to see them again in the future!!!