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Flyers Open practice was a great time.

5 stars
Flyersfan23 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

It was great, the players interacted with the fans as if it was a game. Even though they were practicing, they acknowledged the kids and gave away pucks and some of the players gave away their sticks. I did not go with any kids, but I definitely would take kids to the event in the future. I would recommend the event to everyone.


4 stars
GT83 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Aside from the fact it took us longer to drive to the event than the actual event lasted, it was an excellent experience!

Philadelphia Flyers practice

4 stars
NJABBFAN Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

Had fun at the practice the Flyers sure know how to be fan friendly. They had almost 5000 fans for a practice. The devils farm team would love to have that kind of crowd for their games. It just goes to show this is Flyers territory not Devils. We are to far away to go to Devil games 2 and a half hour drive. On a school night with kids no way. The Flyers games are much closer. Plus the Flyers are much more fan friendly. Go Flyers !

Flyers practice was great!

4 stars
GranMom2 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

The practice was well done and very informative. I learned about the plays and the explanations by Steve Coates were amazing. The players giving their sticks and pucks to the kids was, I'm sure, their highlights of the day. I would have given this day a 5, but it was all too short, therefore, a 4.

5 stars
Poppy875 Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City

A great time for Flyers' fans and Atlantic City! !