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Hockey buff

4 stars
DDDDDDD6 Gila River Arena, Glendale

The seats were awesome and the value offered with the Coors Light Party Pack was great.

NHL Hockey in Glendale

3 stars
SD0013 Gila River Arena, Glendale

The constant loud music was very annoying and overkill. With tickets for decent seats around 100 dollars, I'll probably not be back soon. The repeat breaks and stops in play at times 10 - 15 minutes apart for the girls to skate with shovels also got old. Sorry, these points just took away from my enjoyment. I have been seeing NHL hockey for years and this experience is not better than in the past. The arena was also half empty which could be an indication others may feel the same way or are at least thinking twice about dropping $100 or more for this experience.

5 stars
cooljazz Gila River Arena, Glendale

Game was exciting. Met many fellow New Yorkers who are ranger fans of course living in AZ.


4 stars
edwin2 Gila River Arena, Glendale

An impressive win for the Coyotes. I was particularly impressed with the puck handling skills and overall savvy of Max Domi. With him and the other young legs now in the lineup, the future looks much brighter for the Coyotes than it ever has.

1st father son hockey game

5 stars
Gila River Arena, Glendale

I took my son to the game. We had great seats, saw a great matchup, and he got on the big screen twice. He had such a great time he wants to go again.