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Coyote's Game

4 stars
Jobing.com Arena, Glendale

Arena was electrified with the fans' enthusiasm. Definitely worth attending. It was a lot of fun

Phoenix Coyotes vs San Jose Sharks

4 stars
PBUCKO Jobing.com Arena, Glendale

Game was good, Sharks won...The Arena is very nice and friendly staff.... Temperature in the seating area was cold......I believe they were expecting a bigger crowd, but the Coyotes were eliminated from the playoffs the night before.

Great Deal!

4 stars
Eightylink Jobing.com Arena, Glendale

Will definitely take advantage again next year. Seats were great, atmosphere was awesome and of course it was a great game, except the loss. Only thing I have negative to comment on is that every time my girlfriend and I went to redeem the hot dog and drink they were always out of hot dogs and would not allow us to exchange for another menu item. This would be no huge issue normally, minus the fact that we went up three times at two different venders!

4 stars
lost247 Jobing.com Arena, Glendale

Had a nice time. They've done a nice job this year with the fan experience for the Coyotes in my opinion by doing more. Music isn't overwhelming. The extra stuff isn't too distracting or cheesy.

Great seats, but lowest grade food!

3 stars
Jobing.com Arena, Glendale

Awesome seats, close to the ice, perfect game! One comment I have to say is that the meal part of the package was only for the worst quality hot dogs. Guess I may have missed some fine print there, but they seriously need to give people the lowest option for purchasing this? Thought that was lame.