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Cuban-American rapper Pitbull, born Armando Perez, toured large venues with labelmate Ke$ha in 2013 as he backed his seventh studio album, Global Warming. The album topped the U.S. rap chart and spawned the Top 10 hit "Feel This Moment" (featuring Christina Aguilera). The Miami-based star, who raps in both English and Spanish, has gained a reputation as a crowd-pleasing, suave performer, essentially serving as a great host who delivers the music his fans want to hear in concert. His live shows usually feature a few dancers, a band, and special guests who help him create a party atmosphere for the fans who scored tickets.


Pitbull Mr. 305

4 stars
Osy44 United Center, Chicago

You can't go wrong with Pitbull! Great entertainment, lively music and looking forward to the next concert.


5 stars
Ogonzo United Center, Chicago

Our seat purchase was out of this world! I'm a big fan of Mr. Worldwide I probably would never be able to see his show again do to cost, a once in a lifetime experience, I will never forget. I love his sound, his beliefs, and with my medical bills his concert took me away from everything I had to come back to only I returned to my life with a bigger smile in my heart and thanks to my husband for maxing out our credit card so that I could attend. It was funny to hear my husband say " it was nice to see me smiling so much even if it was another whom brought on the cause and effect!!" LOL Wow!!!! what a concert. I am still smiling and I will be listening to his music via Pandora when Im admitted on Sept 14 for yet another surgical procedure. DALE!! To have his Magic!!!!

Can't Sit when Pit is Playing!

5 stars
Stalex Secret - I don't want anyone to find out about this hidden gem, Secret - I don't want anyone to find out about this hidden gem

Another awesome performance by Pitbull! I have one complaint this time around - YOU WUZ LATE PIT! That was a bummer because he has never been 1 hour late before. There was an opening act that was not planned but he was okay. Then a female DJ and she did pretty well - not much energy but music was pretty good. Then Pitbull - always amazing and I hope he comes back again next year - maybe he will come back later this year as a Christmas present! Always high energy basically a big dance party. Not sure how anyone could sit for his shows. This is the third year in a row that I have seen him perform and I look forward to the next show - then the next one......etc. Give him a try if you really like to dance!

Bad Man Tour United Center Chicago

5 stars
fz12k1LJ United Center, Chicago

Loved the whole evening. Started out in the VIP lounge with drinks and munchies then proceeded to the main event, the concert. Very entertaining stage presence and the man has some great moves. Very sexy man. The title is correct for this tour. He is a very Bad Bad Man. When I get a chance to see him again, I'm there . . . . .

Pitbull is Life!!!

5 stars
acabada01 United Center, Chicago

The entire concert was amazing from Farruko to Prince Royce to Pitbull. Pitbull is definitely an entertainer and loves giving the people a show! He was incredible! Definitely recommed this show to anyone who likes at least one of Pitbull's songs! You'll end up leaving his fan 100%!!!

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