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5 stars
lvas Toyota Center, Houston

I've seen Pitbull serveral times in Houston. He is a great performer. All of his songs make you want to get up and dance. It is a great show. As long as he keeps coming to Houston, I will keep buying tickets to see him. You won't be disappointed.


5 stars
Tarzanboy69 State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

Seeing PITBULL LIVE in concert is such an amazing 'FIREBALL' experience. He is very energetic and his band is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The stage is a good size with very colorful screens & props. His concert/show makes it seem as if we are at a huge club. A BIG WORLD-WIDE PARTY! I would see him again most definitely.

Mr. Worldwide!!!!

5 stars
erika421 State Farm Arena, Hidalgo

Great concert and I'm very happy that he made his way to Hidalgo, Texas! I love him and I had a great time!! if you were not there, you sure did miss out!!!

Ladies Beware....it's like your at a strip club

2 stars
YzGirl Allstate Arena, Rosemont

I was terribly disappointed at Pitbull's concert with Enrique Iglesias. Before the concert I was a huge fan of Pitbull. I loved his songs, his energy, and was looking forward to seeing him more than Enrique! Then he came on stage surrounded by 6 women dressed as if they were at a strip club. Their outfits were EXTREMELY revealing and throughout the entire show all they did was gyrate next to each other and Pitbull. After 3 or 4 songs most of the women that I could see had sat down and were no longer cheering him on. The woman behind us was so disgusted that she demanded her boyfriend to take her home during the middle of the performance. The girls on stage were talented dancers and the show could have been amazing, but here's where I think they lost the crowd....they should have had a few male dancers up there to balance out the group so it wasn't just a lot of T&A on stage. The girls also could've covered up a bit more. There's a differnce between sexy and trashy. The girls had definitely crossed the line into trashy. For the song Timber they wore jean cut offs and tank tops (like in the video) this was perfectly fine! Pitbull also wore sunglasses for about 85% of the concert....INDOORS...at 10:30pm.

5 stars
Amway, Orlando

AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!! So much energy! Never sat and danced the entire time! Can't wait to see them again!! Pitbull is so sexy!! love love love!!!!!