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1 stars
thedoll65 Golden Nugget - Lake Charles, Lake Charles

When I purchased my tickets I knew it was standing only. I had VIP tickets. I called and was told that VIP was roped off and limited tickets sold. So when I arrived and there were thousands in VIP I almost fainted. We arrived at 7:50pm by 8:00pm (when Pitbull took the stage) it was so crowded you could not see anyone in front of you. If you were not 5 ft 10" or taller you could not see a thing. At this point, I was unable to breathe there were so many people. I proceed to leave. As I am trying to push my way out, people were pushing me back. I knew that if I fell no one would know. A nice young man asked could he help. I said I have to get out. He said "hold on to my belt" This young man got me out. I have been to many concerts in my life. Fleetwood Mac, Janet Jackson, Cher, Usher. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. I find it amazing that some people would find this acceptable. I am shocked that Ticketmaster would sponsor an event like this. Pitbull is amazing. And it was one thing on my "Bucket List" that I wanted to do. But I got out before he started to perform. This was a nightmare that I continue to dream about.

Great show for 1hour.

3 stars
Arethaa Golden Nugget - Lake Charles, Lake Charles

He only performed for 1 hour. Pitbull gave us a rush job because he had another show to do in New Orleans the same night. If I would have known that, I wouldn't have bought tickets. But it still was ANAZING!!!! The show started on time.

1 stars
Kns2papa Golden Nugget - Lake Charles, Lake Charles

Might be the very worst show I have ever paid for!! Absolutely no musical talent! Can't sing/dance or rap! All music was sampled. $80 for gen. admis and was exactly 1hr long!

Not worth the money

1 stars
boo99 Golden Nugget - Lake Charles, Lake Charles

These tickets almost cost me 100 dollars each and the show lasted 1 hour. I taught I was late to the show but I wasn't. What ever happened to performing for the crowd. I will never go see Pitbull or a show at the Golden Nugget. Simply not worth the money.

Pitbull was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 stars
Golden Nugget - Lake Charles, Lake Charles

Full of energy!! Pitbull played the best of his best and had fantastic backup dancers, video and lighting! The show was awesome!