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music makes the world go round

2 stars
bonanzajellybean3 STAGE AE, Pittsburgh

while we enjoyed the amazing film, the atmosphere was not exciting. while waiting outside, we would have enjoyed hearing the "fight songs" typically played at Penguins games. this would have created some hype...i felt silly waiting in line in a way... once inside, there was too much downtime and music would have filled in this gap as well and generated excitement. the lighting department could have done some interesting things to recreate the atmosphere at a pen's game as well. i would not attend this event again if it were done the same way, though i am glad that some of the funds raised went to charity it would have been fun to have a team member come out a the end as well. i kind of expected it.

Great Movie in a Great Venue

5 stars
asl28 STAGE AE, Pittsburgh

The Penguins Championship film was very well done. So many interviews with players allowed to get to know them as people, not just as players, and reliving each win gave me goosebumps. Stage AE put up chairs in the general admission section, and despite being a very hot night, it was a comfortable place to watch the premiere.

Stanley Cup Champs!

5 stars
sborgs CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

This was a great time! Watching the Penguins play San Jose on the jumbo-tron with 16,000 other fans was incredible! The place was loud, lit up and when they won - it was a night that my family will never forget. Knowing the proceeds went to charity made it even more worth the drive. I would definitely do it again!

Watch party

5 stars
fachpitts CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

A moment in life my family will never forget and the staff at the arena were all friendly.


5 stars
Achief222 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

We had a great time, I hope the pens win their 4th game on the road EVERY time. It was just like being at the game, but ALOT cheaper. $10 a tic, $10 to park. I paid more at the concession stand than tics+parking! A night we will never forget.

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