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5 stars
JensF CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

It was an exciting experience to watch the Pens live in their modern and comfortable arena for the first time. Pity that the game was decided a little bit to early by the Red Wings. But I think the Pens will play an important role in the fight for the Cup this season.

Love the Pens

5 stars
Rhr13 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Despite the OT loss it was still awesome going to a playoff game. It is way louder and there is way more energy than there is in regular season games. Hopefully the Pens will make playoffs next year so I can go again.

4 stars
CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Besides some bad referee calls that lost us the game, it was an awesome experience!

Penguin Playoff Hockey!!

5 stars
Cris87 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

While I found the tickets to be expensive, once I got to the game, sit by the glass and feel like I was part of the action, it was well worth it! I got the best pictures, got to see my team face to face and had one of the best nights of my life! AWESOME SEATS AND EXPERIENCE!!

PENS Fall Again

2 stars
JustMe0710 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

The atmosphere was of course a playoff atmosphere but a lot of people were not truly into the game because they had a lot if doubts and rightfully so. The Pens made a lot of mistakes this year including who they traded and for whom. Their passing game their entire season was below par and their defense was subject. I am. It impressed with the coaching staff and the lack of passion they seem to portray for WINNING a Stanley Cup. You don't go into games and score one goal and expect to win. Very disappointing season and more disappointing finish! Hopefully they pull it together for next season.