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4 stars
pkt171 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Great seats! However, being in the endzone is a little disappointing when the puck is in the other end. Still Great seats though!


5 stars
Hozzii CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

There is not a bad seat in the arena. Had so much fun with my family! All of the employees are so nice!

Amazing 1# game

5 stars
Dominiquefrenchfan CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

I come from France to see my First game ! It was great , they loose but I happy for my first Time.

Pens Almost Give This Game Away !!

5 stars
CyberArmyJim CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Glad I got to see the Pens play in the regular season. Sadly I do not think they will make it too far in the playoffs, Glad they rallied to win this game. After being up 4-0 they quit playing hard. The Oilers came back and tied it up, almost beating the Pens. The Pens power play sucks, as they are content to just pass the puck and seldom soot the puck. They over pass the puck and kill there own power plays by passing and not shooting. The over passing the puck causes them to lose their man advantage on the power play. Too much "pretty boy" passing........Not enough physical or MENTAL toughness on this Penguin team. Sorry guys..... The offense, defense, and goal tending is very inconsistent .......that is all the more reason to JUST SHOOT THE PUCK !!!! GO PENS !!!!

Despite the team losing, the event was excellent!

5 stars
LatNitr CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

This was the first time the family was at an NHL game. The seating was very comfortable and accommodating for larger sized people. The game was sold out and standing room only, but the people around us both Pittsburgh and Detroit fans were very nice to us and each other. We arrived at the venue an hour early which made getting in easy. The down side was when the game was over, handling the crowd and traffic was not done so well. Like some other sporting events we have attended, some of the streets should have been turned into one-way to allow the traffic to move and leave quicker.