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Hockey is always exceptional at CONSOL

5 stars
TXjules CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Easy ordering/ticket retrieval process. Great seats...although there really isn't a bad seat in CONSOL for hockey. My only problem with the event was the lack of food and beverage options for the 8+ hours we spent in the arena watching two games. There were only a handful of places open to accommodate everyone. Lines were long, which led you to miss part of the game. This was a CONSOL decision, not a WCoH decision.


1 stars
LongTimePensFan CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Planned to go out to dinner between games and they said we wouldnt be able to re enter arena if we left. So we were stuck in the arena with most of the consession stands closed. Had to wait in line an hour to get something to eat. Completely rediculous you couldnt leave arena, BUT YOU COULD LEAVE AND COME BACK IF YOU WENT TO THE PENS GEAR STORE. The event was a joke, very disappointing.

LOTS of hockey

4 stars
OLDGuyWHOstillBOOGIES CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Imagine seeing almost ALL of the best hockey players in the world in one evening. Great hockey. Great play. Just wish the merchandise they were selling was cheaper and that the usual discounts would have been honored.

Good time

5 stars
Rhr13 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

I am very glad they brought these games to Pittsburgh. It was great! It is always nice getting to watch hockey in the off season.

Great games!

5 stars
Project317 CONSOL Energy Center, Pittsburgh

Both games were pretty fun to watch. It was great to see a lot of the stars from throughout the nhl all in one place. Since it must not have sold well, they upgraded our seats to the lower bowl for no extra fee.

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