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Inspirational and Motivational

5 stars
Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco

Derek Smith's performances are always phenomenal. His energy, presentation, palpable love and appreciation for what he does for everyone before him leaves the crowd with an insatiable hunger for more good tunes to bounce to. All the way throu, people sway their arms, back and forth, to the brilliantly composed songs of a man who knew exactly what path he was destined to take. Staying true to their roots, Pretty Lights continues to refresh and restore our souls with a creative blend of electronic, soulful hip hop sounds that never leaves the crowd still at any moment. As an aspiring producer of hip hop, soul, complextro and tech house, Pretty Lights will always be one of my biggest influences and I am consistently working towards the opportunity to work with such talent.

5 stars
Makaela Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison

Pretty Lights never seizes to fail not only as an artist, but as a performer.

Pretty Lights @ Red Rocks- The Ultimate Experience

5 stars
Sadie180 Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison

I've been to quite a few concerts and saw PL last summer at Red Rocks too, along with NYE at the First Bank Center. Last summer's show was the best concert I've been to... until August 17th's 2012 PL show. I describe the concert as "magical," "beautiful," and just plain incredible. The beautiful venue with the music of talented EDM artist, Derek Vincent Smith was perfect along with the very pretty lights (sorry for the pun) of the stage and lasers going off all over. Truly the best way to end my summer vacation.

Pretty Lights was Steaming Hot!

5 stars
Myth, Maplewood

Awesome venue with great sound and lighting show. Pretty Lights was exceptionally interesting to see and hear the mixing with the live musicians. It added another layer of intricacy and complexity to the songs, and I always appreciate paying for live musicians as well!

Pretty Lights Follower

5 stars
PLFollower Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco

Unforgettable to say the least. One year til next time ;/