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EA was legit. Best festival I've been to.

5 stars
DTrump Atlantic City Oceanfront, Atlantic City

Pros: Not too many people so only good views Good vibes Some acts got wild Cons: A lotta walking Really hot

I Would Never Go Back

1 stars
NikkiNJ88 Atlantic City Oceanfront, Atlantic City

I never write reviews, but have to for this event. The Event Security threw out personal items that were in no shape or form threatening - I.E. - opened cigarette boxes and chap sticks. If you wanted to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, you had to wait in line for over an hour and a half because there was only one beer tent. Once you did receive a beer, you had to remain in the tied off area and could not hold a beer while listening to your favorite artist. All set times were delayed an hour which wasn't the biggest of deals, but overall - we had a terrible time aside from being with good friends and making our own fun. I would never return to this event again. Do not waste the money.

Amazing festival but VIP SUCKED

3 stars
Atlantic City Oceanfront, Atlantic City

I bought a VIP ticket for just Saturday. It promised private bathrooms, air conditioned tents, separate entrance, and a closer, separate view of the stage. I found none of these expect, the separate view of the stage which was not any closer, nor was it being monitored for only VIP guest entering so anyone could walk up and stand there. I've been to other festivals and gotten VIP. All of those festivals provided all that they promised, and even went on to provide refreshments and goodie bags full of cool stuff for VIP guests. I was extremely disappointed with Electric Adventures "VIP" package, and feel like I wasted a lot of money buying VIP when I could have bought a two day general admission pass for the same price and done the same thing. The festival was a lot of fun and the performers were great but I will not be purchasing VIP from here ever again.

Sea Of Dreams was Magical

5 stars
sierraPrettyLightsfanatic Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco

The lineup was amazing and the VIP section was such a wonderful get-away on new years eve night - complete with couches, food and fun social people. the Venue was filled with beautiful costumed and dazzling people. The music was enchanting as well as fulfilling any true Bass-Head's need for a base-fix Pretty Lights is my favorite DJ an his set was so good that night - I felt he played his heart out and really connected with the audience though we were massive. GREAT EVENT

Pretty lights and the trumpets!!

5 stars
Siddhartha90 Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, San Francisco

Glitch mob set the tune, and then pretty lights just killed it. Will definitely be back!