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R5 was incredible!!!

5 stars
Teresaav The Space At Westbury, Westbury

the R5 concert was the best concert I have been too! they are amazing musicians and singers and songwriters. I am definitely going to see them again and I recommend to go see them!!!

R5 was awesome!

5 stars
Sammyizzy The Space At Westbury, Westbury

It was such a pleasure see R5!!! my girls were with me along with their friends. We be been following them all around the east coast Can't wait for the next R5 tour!!

Unforgetable R5 expeience!!

5 stars
StormeySirichanr5 The Space At Westbury, Westbury

Seeing R5 live in the way that I got to do at Westbury was amazing and so.worth the 13 hours we waited outside the venue for. We got front row.on Rikers side and had a blast! The contact and crowd participation is my favorite part of these shows and I can't think of any way to describe it besides Perfection, even when they mess up or forget lyrics they take it in stride and keep rocking!!


5 stars
ChelMoyer The Santander Performing Arts Center , Reading

My six year old LOVES R5 and seeing them made her night! My husband and I, originally thought the band would be more appropriate for teenagers, but they delighted all age groups, including us.

R5 was decent but disappointed with several things

3 stars
dreaudjul The Santander Performing Arts Center , Reading

My girlfriends and I were very excited to see R5. In fact, we drove 3 hrs in a snow storm to meet them. Instead we were treated horribly by their father Mark Lynch who rushed the entire M& G event and was extremely rude to us and we were very taken back with how he handled himself with the VIP bands etc. Wouldn't let us talk to the band and the questionnaire lasted maybe 20 minutes. He was hovering over the band everywhere. I felt so bad for them. Ryland did a good job DJing too and he even rushed him too. The audience was also a shocker. Children who were toddlers were there with parents and we felt very uncomfortable. Guess bc Ross is a Disney star but still, really? Never again.