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5 stars
FirstOntario Centre (Formerly Known as Copps Coliseum), Hamilton

Great concert! My daughter and I loved it! She loves R5!!!!!

R5 was Amazing !!!

5 stars
Lalamesa FirstOntario Centre (Formerly Known as Copps Coliseum), Hamilton

1st Concert for my daughter and one that I don't think she will forget...

R5 was pretty amazing!!

5 stars
PoohBear19 Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston

It was my first time ever going to a concert at the K-Rock Center and i mist say that the staff were very friendly and helpful! R5 its self was amazing and I will def be going back if they are ever back in Kingston!! One of the beat shows i have seen yet!


4 stars
Maximus8911 Rogers K-Rock Centre, Kingston

Good show by R5. Took too long between the two bands and could of did without the DJ between them. It seemed to take the kids energy away and made for a longer wait time to see R5

R5 IS NOT A child's band!!!

5 stars
Saffyreblue Pine Belt Arena, Toms River

So tired of reading everyone's complaints about the Pine Belt arena performance by R5 and others! Parents complaining about 3 to 5 year olds falling asleep because the band didn't come on until 9:30 pm. 3-5 year olds shouldn't even be at this concert. They are not the Wiggles or the Doodlebops! They are a ROCK band and brand themselves as such. Just because Ross is an actor on Disney for a show geared towards a younger crowd, does not mean that their band is geared towards the same crowd. They are not 15-16 year olds. They are older and are trying to make it in the "big time". They were the midnight band at the New Year's Eve celebration in Hershey, PA. They always come on at night. I think their age group would be 15-20 year olds. Stop complaining! The little ones shouldn't be there. My daughter is 16 and has seen R5 many times. The parents yell at her all the time because "their kids can't see and they paid for tickets." Guess what, my daughter pays for her OWN tickets with her OWN money and she can stand wherever her ticket allows. She also waits at the venues for hours BEFORE they open so she can have a prime seat.