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Meet and greet was a JOKE

1 stars
oaktownazn City National Civic, San Jose

Unlike some other reviews, this is written by a mom of an eight year old girl who actually is (and paid) hundreds of dollars for a meet and greet that supposedly was supposed to include awesome swag and also shelled out $20's for memorabilia. The meet and greet was a joke. We were "greeted" by Rydelle and not a peep from Ross or the others. The Dad was driving this all and there was no chatting or small talk. It felt like cattle call. For a couple hundred dollars, I expected much more. My daughter even asked why they didn't say hello or at least offer a handshake. There was a rule of no autographs too. After our 3 second photo, we were asked to head into the auditorim for sound check. But, as we were waiting in line we actually heard them doing a full sound check with vocals so this was likely obligatory. This lasted about 10 minutes. Unlike what was stated on their website and ticket outlet there was no Q&A, to our disappointment. The Dad then asked everyone to line up for swag, which according to past shows, swag was supposed to be awesome and include waterguns. This swag was merely a cinch sak, poster, and lanyard plus a magazine. We arrived at 3:30 and after we got the swag it was about 5 and the show didn't start until 7. The meet and greet was misrepresented. I got this as part of a bday gift for my daughter and as the person paying the bill, this was a big disappointment as the band could've made more of an effort to at least seem interested. I won't comment on the music as I think all the girls got excited but as a parent making the decision to spend the money, I would've hoped R5 could offer a better experience for the price. If this practice continues, I doubt they'll have parents shelling out hundreds of dollars for future shows.

R5 Rocked the house

5 stars
bunnylove143 City National Civic, San Jose

When I decided to take my 14 year old daughter to a teeny bopper concert I did not know what I was getting myself into. We got the Sound check experience with the package and got to be within a few feet to the whole band while they talked about their likes and dislikes with the crowd. My daughter was on cloud 9. The venue was quaint and very good. When the band came out to play, I expected the disney music. But what I heard was good solid rock and roll. I was very entertained. The best part was looking out on the floor and seeing parents and children dancing, singing and having a great time. The music fed the souls of all ages. At the end of the concert, the band came down into the crowd and shook the hand of their fans. My daughter cried when she got to physically touch and grab the hands of all the members of R5. She has been flying ever since.

Great Musicians and so much fun!!

5 stars
MJK2015 City National Civic, San Jose

Our daughter loves R5. She like so many other pre-teens learned of R5 through watching Ross Lynch on the Disney Channel. So I watched too and learned that I liked him. He seemed genuine and not too full of himself or overly self aware like so many kid actors. When we started listening to R5 (around the clock) I found that I really liked their music. They write their own music, which reflects life in a positive way. I tend to like Rock n Roll, and their two albums are in that vein. We counted down the time to the San Jose show, our daughter's first concert ever with her fav band. I had high expectations for fun, but I was blown away by this band's ability to engage the audience, and really play music! Holy cow! GREAT musicians! Ross carried most of the show, and we were right up front, so my daughter was in heaven. I was really happy that her first concert featured a real band, truly talents and not just electronically created sounds and the deep base that prevails alot of music currently. They even did a version of a couple of classic rock hits, and I must say, very well. And then a slow and soulful, stripped down version of a couple which really showed the band's musical prowess and sensitivity. This will not be our last R5 concert.

terrible sound!

3 stars
zhila City National Civic, San Jose

R5 ARE GREAT! but their sound or the theater sound was bad!!

Miss old R5

1 stars
R5fandom City National Civic, San Jose

We have seen numerous R5 concert and this was far the most disappointing concert. Went to meet and greet. Overall disorganized. Overly priced, Fans rush through like cattle. No warm meet and greet. Too many kids under the age of 10. No excitement. Ross was put on the screen. Didn't feature the rest of the band. I thought it was suppose to be R5 not Ross Lynch. The band didn't interact as it had in the past. Ross' voice is changing and it is noticeable. Rydel can't sing at all. Disappointing. I guess that's what fame does to the group. So sad.