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Great show!

5 stars
cgak Rosemont Theatre, Rosemont

I took my 7 and 8 year old daughters to the R5 show. We had a GREAT time!! The venue was just right for their age. Not a bad seat in the house and the kids were all dancing in the aisles. While I didn't know a lot of the songs, everyone else did and just sang along all night. R5 has great energy and really knew how to get the crowd going. Thanks for a fun time!

R5 was great!!

5 stars
momoftwinsmass The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket

Surprised my girls and took them to see their favorite band for their birthday!! They had "THE BEST NIGHT EVER" and were so thrilled to see them. My only complaint about the venue was the fact they only had one place where they sold t-shirts and memorabilia... the line was way too long and it took forever!! (Then when I got up to the line, 2 of the 3 people behind the counter walked away without saying anything... poor customer service skills!)

R5 was incredible!

5 stars
R5fan4life Puello Center, York

The concert was incredible as always! The music, dance moves and the lighting made it a night to remember. They are the sweetest people you could ever meet. The meet and greet was awesome and hilarious. Ross was the sweetest, he danced with a girl who missed her prom to be there at the show. To the mom who wrote the review below, just because they're on Disney Channel doesn't mean that's how their music is going to be off the TV. If I heard right he was sick that night so he had an excuse to look the way he did. Each time I saw them he was fine and didn't look high or drunk. Plus they're 18 and older so they aren't going to act all innocent like you want them too. Before you go see another children TV star live in concert with their band please do your research instead of assuming that they are going to be all whatever their show is. Ross works his butt off between acting and music so he is allowed to be tired and worn out and possibly even sick/not feeling good. He hardly has any time in between to relax.

R5 Atlanta show

5 stars
Abbelea Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta

We got these tickets for our 7 year old's birthday. She loves Ross Lynch and they came to ATL on her birthday so it was meant to be! Not only did our daughter LOVE the show, but my husband and I enjoyed ourselves! One of the opening acts was a DJ and he was very entertaining. The second opening act was ok, the brother and sister group. R5 finally come out until an hour and a half after start time. That was a very long time to a 7 year old. They sang all their songs and sang them well. They opened with Prince's "Let's Go Crazy". And I'm a huge Prince fan so that sold me from the beginning! Very clean well mannered kids. Would take her again in a heartbeat!

R5 at Foxwoods

5 stars
BalancedFan The Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket

After reading a review by another user, I feel it's important to share another perspective of R5's show at Foxwoods in CT on 9.27.14. While I understand this mother's disappointment, I worry when perceived notions of a disney channel star and expectations of families with young children affect the opinions others may form about an actual person who is up there performing. Ross Lynch and R5 are hard working, talented young people. Ross is not Austin Moon and it's really too bad that Disney markets this band to children, given that their live performance is very different from what families see every week on the Disney Channel. From the perspective of an older than average fan (average age being 10 years old, according to the the disappointed mom's review), my experience at this show was exactly as I had expected. I think it is unfair to claim that Ross was intoxicated. This was not the case. Ross and R5 were energetic, engaging, and provided fans with a wonderful live experience. I had the privilege of meeting the band prior to the show and Ross was nothing but sweet and interested in what I had to say, a quality that he was under no obligation to possess at that time. If you're thinking about seeing R5 live, take some time to watch form footage of their live shows. There are many videos available. If you're planning to bring young children to this show, please know what you are walking into so that you aren't disappointed.