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David Divinci and Jamie Leigh were fantastic!

5 stars
Michelona Tallahassee Leon County Civic Center, Tallahassee

We had a magical evening thanks to Dave and Jamie! This was my Husband's FIRST circus, and he had so much fun, he's ready to go again - or "run away to join"! I cannot say enough about the care that was shown to the animals - as animal lovers and activists, this is a very important issue to us both. As a nurse of some (!)...... years- my observations included: excellent nutritional and hydration status, as well as the sparkling eyes that showed overall good health in ALL of the animals we saw. They were treated with unmistakable love and respect. I honestly feel that they were having fun too! As far as the circus perfomance: I have always loved the traditional top-hat ringmaster and the trappings of the "greatest show..." But - The awesome energy and magic that we experienced from this incredible illusionist was a welcome breath of fresh air. Dave and Jamie added top-notch professionalism in such a colorful and artistic way that it was all we could do to stay in our seats! Thank you for helping to modernize a great concept.

Very disappointed

2 stars
Monty3 Philips Arena, Atlanta

We have gone to the Ringling Bros Circus in downtown Atlanta for 12 years and always buy our tickets early to be close to the show. Ticket prices have gone down over the years, and yesterday we clearly saw the reason why - the show isn't what it used to be. The production of Built to Amaze was way too much dancing and cheering (cheerleaders at the circus??) and not enough substance. Even my kids, aged 14 and 11, were disappointed and said they don't ever want to go again. This is a tradition we have always looked forward to, but no more. The show lasted about 2.5 hours, less an intermission, and there just wasn't enough stuff. What happened to the years of the three ring circus where there was always something going on?? Even in recent years with the one ring and the filler, the clowns at least put on a good show. They added the basketball players on the unicycles this year, which was fun, and brought back the cannon lady and had a few other annual favorites, but we left feeling like most of what we saw was dancing. Not what you go to a circus to see. Even those with younger children around us, including first-timers, felt the same. There wasn't even a lot of clapping during the show like there used to be. Bring back the true circus entertainment and keep the audience on the edge of their seats, or ticket income will continue to drop.

Circus Disappointment

2 stars
Princess888 Ringling Brothers, Barnum & Bailey Circus, Tucson

My family and I just returned from a noon day performance at the circus and we were all sadly disappointed. We waited a long time to see this Circus as it has been years since we last saw one and today we all left with not such good memories. We were disappointed because: 1.) The music was too loud. We could not even hear the ringmaster introducing the different acts. By the time we left, which was before it all ended, we all had headaches. 2.) The concessions were much too expensive...cotton candy attached to a ridiculous hat $15? Really! 3.) There were not enough animals and too many gymnastics and cheerleading. 4.) Many of the acts were boring and lasted too long, like the unicycle basketball game, the 3 men on the trampoline, the doggie show etc etc etc. 5.) The tiger show was okay, the lady flying out of the canon was okay, the trapeze act was disappointing, 6.) and my favorite, the elephant show did not last long enough. One positive thing was ....the good seats. But then there are no bad seats in the Tucson Convention Center for any show. Thank you Tucson. I am sorry to say I will not be recommending my friends to attend this show. And I certainly will not be anticipating taking my family again any time soon. What ever happened to the old Ringling Brother's 3 ring circus. .I guess it is gone for good.

Never too old for the GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

5 stars
Hippiatheart US Airways Center, Phoenix

It has been forty years since I saw Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey Circus. It was much better this time. The circus this time was a single ring instead of three and it makes it so much easier to focus and enjoy the show. I asked my 6 year old granddaughter what was the best part and she stared at me and started to speak and stopped and started to say something and stopped and thought and finally said ALL OF IT! That pretty well summed it up. My twelve year old granddaughter said it was the best day ever. Works for me.


1 stars
Donnatx5 civic center, beaumont

I took my grandkids to the ringling bros..2 years ago in beaumont...they loved it because they had never been before. BUT, it was NOT the biggest show on earth...very small, I was disappointed. They had a long, long segment of a clown with a tiny bike. a few elephants and some horses. Not the biggest show on earth I remember...I enjoyed the small shrine circus better. Plus I didn't even get the seats I ordered.