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  • Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Out Of This World

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5 stars
Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Sorry to see them go now. Its all over this year :(

The cirucs was everything my daughter could want

5 stars
momfromJC Barclays Center, Brooklyn

My daughter's first time at circus. She is 10. Loved the animals, the drama, the story and it truly was the greatest show on Earth.

You couldn't ask for more!

5 stars
Mecky Barclays Center, Brooklyn

A show that had everything! From a wonderful storyline and characters, amazing acts, live music, a great set including an ice skating rink and things hanging from above and best of all, awesome performers and animals, one wouldn't miss the elephants at all! Who would forget those motorcyclists spinning dangerously inside a small cage? Or those majestic horse riders? The enchanting ladies in those crystal balls were mesmerizing, the ice skaters captivating, the lion tamer phenomenal and the animals were simply adorable! I'm glad I went and brought my whole family with me!

2 stars
frank2368 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Had seats for the Circus at Barclay Center on February 25, 2017 at 3pm. We had seat Section 217 - Row 2 Seat 1-2-3. We like to complain that when we bought the tickets and there was no mention of obstructive view for these seats. I was very disappointed in these seats and view of the circus. There was a metal pole that was part of the circus act blocking our view for these tickets. I would like to be somehow compensated for the obstructed view. Please next time add this information to your web site when people are buying tickets. This impacted our 4 year old daughter who had difficultly seeing the circus.

Circus was underwhelming

2 stars
ToddlerMom32015 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

Growing up the circus was always my favorite thing and the opportunity to take my son, especially because it's ending was an absolute must. I already anticipated the elephants would be gone but seemed like the clowns we less as well. I remember the vice us having multiple things going on in the ring but it seems like the focus was on one act at a time. For the price I thought the story line along with the entertainment could have been better.

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