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5 stars
SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

I took my team for a night out and decided to go to a game. It was perfect, we all had a great time.

Sharks v canucks

4 stars
airanger SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Fun game, with great seats. food prices are outrageous!

5 stars
Yoman0101 SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

The Sharks vs Canucks hockey game was Awesome!!! This was the first professional hockey game for my girlfriend. The ticketed seats I purchased from Living Social through Ticketmaster were great!! We had the perfect view of the game. We are going back later in the season.

Sharks lost very pleased

5 stars
TheHim SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Great attempt by Sharks to beat the great Vancouver Canucks but they couldn't pull it off. Love the glass seats and will be back when the Sharks battle the Canucks.

Great game, great time, great arena

4 stars
mojotro SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

SAP Center is a good arena to watch a hockey game. Not the best, but the seating was well laid out and comfortable and the sight lines were excellent. Like many new arenas it does not have a concourse walkway inside the rink area. Easy to get to, very good facilities and restaurants- an overall very good place to watch a hockey game