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1 stars
RWD52 SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Sharks played extremely well for about 8 minutes in the entire game. The 2 Shark goalies gave up 3 goals on shots that any catcher in major league baseball would have stopped just by being in the net for San Jose................Can I get my money back from the Sharks? Total waste of time and money

fun but bummed

3 stars
SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

It is always fun to watch hockey live. It was my husbands birthday present (one of them) to go to the game and we sat on the blue line in the 17th row. We usually sit at the second level although, there really isn't a bad sit watching hockey at SAP stadium. The people who work at the concession stands, ushers, stores, etc. are all very nice and polite and it was fun to get a poster sadly, not signed. The two things I was bummed about was the sharks did not show up to the game, they lost. Secondly, I called to have my husbands name on the score board for his birthday but the person I called said it was already full of messages and I would have to do it another time. Whaaaaaaaat? his birthday comes just once a year.

Tonight, the Sharks $uck€d

2 stars
Panther6834 SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

As much as I prefer the Sharks over any other team (including my second-favorite team, the Florida Panthers...and, NO, my nickname has nothing up do with them), I have to be completely honest with the Sharks performance in this particular game. Their offense played as if they thought they were on defense, and their defense had more holes than Swiss cheese. When it came to passing, it's as if they had no clue where the player they were passing to was. Of course allowing the Islanders to score the first goal after only 36 second, as well as a second goal after less than 2 minutes...that should have told me all I needed to know about how this game was going to go. Will this stop me from attending future Sharks games? Heck, no. I'm still trying...and planning...on getting a pair of 5-pack (unless I can figure out a way to afford a pair of 10-pack) tickets. If I could have afforded a pair of season tickets, I'd gotten those. The San Jose Sharks ARE my team, win or lose...and just as God will never forsake me, I won't forsake the Sharks.

4 stars
SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Great seats anywhere you sit and fun to watch. I took my wife and daughter to this event and we all overall had a pleasant experience. It was a low scoring match and the only goal came at the very start of the game so towards the end the game was a bit less exciting but overall fun.

Do not sit in first ten rows of upper deck!!!

3 stars
Dahc72 SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

There is an obstructed view in the upper deck for first ten rows. I made a complaint and explained they should put glass in stead so the view is not obstructed. They service from the Manager was great and he helped us out. The arena is nice and has many choices for beverages and food.