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Excellant Shark Win

5 stars
Sharkfan1649 HP Pavilion At San Jose, San Jose

Great game and the Fans totally got into it. The Holiday season in the air and everyone in the sellout crowd got into it.

Sharks Win

5 stars
Shark1950 SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Even though both teams were set for playoffs they competed very aggressively. It was a much better game than anticipated under circumstances.

Another Great One From the Sharks!

5 stars
jLoH SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Great team, great venue, great game, what more could you ask for?

Sharks stop an Avalanch in it's tracks

5 stars
YCShark SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

Last home game of the year and it was a fantastic game. Post season here we come.

utterly disappointing

1 stars
LastChild408 SAP Center at San Jose, San Jose

I was very disappointed with this game and the venue it was held in. The seats are uncomfortable for a person with a bigger behind than average. I had gone with a child that was attending his first SJ Sharks game. We had made up a sign that he could show throughout the game that read My first SJ Sharks game and they did not even put his image or the sign he held on the jumbotron. Instead the camera showed fans giving the bird to the camera and that they showed on the jumbotron for all to see. There are children in the audience. That was very poor judgement on the part of whoever has control of this thing. very disappointing.