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SWS was amazing!!!!

5 stars
SPSHLK The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

Seriously one of the best concerts I've been to and I'm the mom that took her kids to see them. Aside from all the crazy kids pushing to get to the front the music all sounded great even the bands that played with them were awesome!!!


5 stars
Buhlakey The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

It was an intersting event, It was my first concert for this typer of genre. So going in I didn't expect it to be how it was. Theres was a lot of angry people and lots of shoving and crow surfing, but overall it was fun. I also felt that there was to many opening acts and some of them took up so much time by the second act I was already aggravated and wanted to see Sleeping, but overall it was a great expericence and I can't wait to go to Wrapped Tour in San Fran.

Sleeping With Sirens was amazing!

5 stars
Dmfreak269 The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

I took my 13 year old for her birthday. Never actually listened to their music but I was pleasantly surprised!

our last night was unforgettable!!!

4 stars
mackenzie10 The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

The show was amazing. The show was suppose to start at 6 but didn't start till 7:30. The guys that work there Were kind of Rude. But rhe bands Were great.

Sleeping With Sirens was amazing!!!!!

5 stars
StarGazer12 The Fox Theater - Pomona, Pomona

I took my daughter to this show and I must say I was very impressed with the band. I love that the lead singer has such a positive message to all their fans, especially telling the young girls that "everyone of you is perfect".... I hope the band realizes how those simple words can make a huge difference to all their fans.