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Amazing performance

5 stars
DALoveDeluxe B.B. King Blues Club and Grill, New York

Slick Rick the Ruler! The show was so much fun. His performance was more than I expected given previous reviews. He rapped for over two hours.

Slick Rick took me back!

4 stars
Density B.B. King Blues Club and Grill, New York

I had a great time reminiscing about old times with old school rap and dances. Slick Rick happens to be 1 of my favorite. It would have been nice to see a surprise appearance by Doug E Fresh.


5 stars
lynndsay bb kings, nyc

Lots of people wrote negative reviews.... I don't know why.... I saw Slick Rick at BB Kings last night, he killed it, rocked it, brought old school back, even if it was just for 1 hour, well worth it and I would love to see him again. Spreading a positive message to the young and allowing the older to reminisce of "better days" He sounded great, like himself, did all the favorites, and put on a great show. Love love love slick rick!!!

Slick Rick and Rakim were amazing. Real Hip Hop.

5 stars
Mobutterfly Howard Theatre, Washington

Bring as much old school back as possible. I love the vibe at the Howard Theater.

Both artists were not prepared for the concert

2 stars
OlSkoolHiphopLover Howard Theatre, Washington

I know hiphop is about free spirit and letting the rhymes flow but Slick Rick and Rakim just showed up and gave the audience a street level concert. There was no coordination between the MC and DJ. At one point, Rakim was just killing time trying to think of what songs he said give us next. He totally lost the audience that at certain times, It was so quiet in the venue that you could hear a pin drop. We left when Rakim calls Rick back on the stage and they are trying to find a microphone for them to do some type of duo or rap battle. I know they are now older in their careers but at least have a rehearsal before jumping out of your son's car onto a stage where patrons really came to see a show.