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Working off the success of 2011's Doggumentary, the iconic rapper-actor Snoop Dogg had a busy 2013, appearing in four films and embarking on a tour of America, New Zealand and Australia. Snoop has been the epitome of gangsta rap for over two decades: His tough, West Coast style and  ability to not take himself too seriously endears fans. Snoop brings all these traits to his live concert appearances, engaging ticket holders with good vibes while delivering the cool, subdued sounds he's known for. At the London Lovebox festival in 2011, Snoop could be seen sporting pounds upon pounds of bling, strutting onstage, his characteristic wave of the arms like that of a snake charmer hypnotizing the audience.Once he made his appearance on Dr. Dre's The Chronic in 1992, Snoop skyrocketed to fame as one of the most identifiable performers. Raised in Long Beach, California, Snoop brought some of his real life hardships into his music. His trademark hair, laid-back voice, plus the grim reality implied in his lyrics all contributed to Snoop's reputation. His 1993 solo release, Doggystyle, proved to be Snoop's greatest achievement, reaching No. 1 on the R&B charts and the Billboard 200. "Gin and Juice" remains to this day an anthem of gangsta party life.Doggumentary brought Snoop full circle, and was touted as something of a sequel to Doggystyle. Snoop teamed up with a great range of stars this time around. Bootsy Collins steps in on "We Rest n Cali." Gorillaz, Goldie Loc, Kanye West and even Willie Nelson show up to lend a hand throughout the album. Nelson's performance on the old-style country porch rocker "Superman" is not to be missed. One of the charms of this album lies in its handling of divergent styles.


Awesome show

4 stars
Aliciasmtz Austin360 Amphitheater, Austin

I wasn't expecting to see both snoop amd wiz on stage simultaneously. Great surprise.

Gotta see Snoop/Wiz

5 stars
TAZNAZ Ak-Chin Pavilion, Phoenix

This was a great show. I was thinking there were going to be some problems at some time during the show . But nothing happen as far as I know.. Visuals and sound were great.

Snoop Dogg andWiz alway shows love to Albuquerque

5 stars
Isleta Amphitheater, Albuquerque

It was a great show they both perform very well very cool on the TV screens the atmosphere was great those guys really put it down for Albuquerque, I'd recommend anybody going to this event any time they show up, and you were guaranteed to be entertained.

Don't waste your money on the VIP package!

2 stars
LadyMag Isleta Amphitheater, Albuquerque

Don't get me wrong,Snoop put on a good concert, but the backstage "VIP" part was a joke. You are asked to arrive no later than 4:45, only to be treated like a bunch of cows. Stand in line outside the gate for an hour.Then herded to another area closer to the stage for another hour, before Snoop comes out. All of this in the sun, with never an offer of water or opportunity to purchase a $5 bottle of water. Besides nothing was allowed past the fence. once Snoop came out, we were rushed through then handed a bag of swag. The only thing in the bag that was promised on the website was the laminate, no hat. The most disappointing part was we were not told we could only have a pic or an autograph. Very poorly run in my opinion. Save your money just go to the concert, or you might loose respect for your favorite artist. VERY VERY DISAPPOINTED!!

Snoop & Wiz were amazeballs!!!

4 stars
Samtavitas Austin360 Amphitheater, Austin

I feel like this concert was sooooo lit, the first opening act was kinda lame, but I think it was just his fault, I also think the crowd was kinda lame. But I think it was a lame crowd due to the fact it was on a Sunday, if they'd ever go on tour I feel they could go back to Austin but on a Friday or Saturday, if not maybe just come to San Antonio. Ha!

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