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5 stars
HOPGIRL Masonic Temple, Detroit

It was poppen! Everyone was dressed to impress & I was FLY like it was no other! I took a pic with Snoopdogg's photo! Snoopdogg fans bought me a drink & I had chicken for dinner! When SNOOPDOGG came out everybody stood up & was ready to party!..#SMILINGFACES www.snoopermarke.com

Snoop Saved the day, but poor show.

2 stars
UncleJeff291 Masonic Temple, Detroit

Now we all know that lineups can change. There was supposed to be Rage, Mack 10, Dogg Pound, Warren G, Snoop. Show started at 8:00 - had a comic - very very funny.. then Trick came out did some hype.. all good.. weed was burning Then they had a group "umbrella" like 30 dudes come out some had some amazing flow. But that is where this good time ends.. apparently - Mack 10 and Warren G now showed.. and I think half the DP did as well.. so they had like 2 hours to fill - it was just a DJ - they did have another "group" come out - not good.. I went to pee - bar and restrooms at Masonic are c- at best also. Rage came out and did her thing - then ANOTHER break.. Finally around 11 - snoop came out and did all the hits.

terrible show.

1 stars
Mamabelle44 Masonic Temple, Detroit

We bought tickets for my son for Christmas. The show was supposed to start at 8. Snoop did not hit the stage until 11:00 and was done by 12:00. The three hours in between were filled with dj music and pot smoking. We paid nearly $100 for each ticket and saw less than an hour of live music. Pathetic. Will NEVER make that mistake again.

Nothing Like A Snoop Dogg Concert!

5 stars
6foot7 Masonic Temple, Detroit

Jan. 30th, 2016 marked the 12th time I have witnessed Snoop Dogg live in concert. No matter where the venue is: Theater, Stadium, Arena or Casino his shows are always entertaining. And most of all a very well behaved diverse audience.

I expected more artists to perform

3 stars
77dria Masonic Temple, Detroit

The concert could have been better. I expected to see the Dogg Pound & Warren G perform. Daz was the DJ, Warren G was on the keyboard & Korrupt was the hype man. I love Snoop & understand his tardiness (2 hours) was due to a sit down with the mayor of Flint & dealing with the water crisis. I just would have loved more of a performance from his band members as well.