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Snoop took the stage too late for a Sunday

2 stars
jwanagel WaMu Theater, Seattle

I really liked the venue, but since the concert started at 8pm on a Sunday I was expecting to be home by midnight, instead Snoop didn't take the stage until 11:45pm. We stayed until 12:30pm but couldn't stay any longer so I missed a large part of his performance.

4 stars
MarthaStewart WaMu Theater, Seattle

Good time! E-40 & G-Eazy were amazing! Snoop...duh! They need to up the ventilation for shows like this! It was 420 eve! 5 hour hot box. Would have been nice to get some fresh air but there was no re-entry. Other than that, we had a great night!

Awesome Concert

4 stars
JazzyRedd WaMu Theater, Seattle

UNFORGETABLE! This concert was great. All the surprising artists like Kurupt and Sugar Free was amazing. I will say I was slightly disappointed that E-40 went first! He should have had a longer set time than G Eazy!!! Easily. And Ty Dolla $ign shouldn't have gone 2nd! His music is way more appreciated in My eyes. Thank you to everyone who put on the show! I will never forget it ! I had a wonderful Time and great pics!

E-40 FTW

5 stars
panamanice WaMu Theater, Seattle

great show, should have had E-40 play later in the bill, after those other fools, just before Snoop

Snoop Dogg was bomb! E-40 did ONE SONG?! LAME.

4 stars
luvsweetfreedom WaMu Theater, Seattle

Snoop Dogg, G-Eazy, Ty Dolla $ign were freaking great! But uhhhhh what about the second biggest name on the advertised "Snoop Wellness Retreat?" E-40?! This is the SECOND time E-40 has pulled some crap when I had tickets to see him. He rapped ONE SONG!! One. And never came back on stage. Extremely disappointing. Snoop made us wait, like he always does...but he of course is worth the wait. He always is. He did all the old cuts, and covered a bunch as well. Even did a tribute to Biggie and one to 2pac as well.