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Amazing Time, Long Wait

5 stars
TheBoyBeach Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills

Snoop Dogg was absolutely amazing! He kept the crowd on their feet the entire night and knows how to keep the energy up! He even played a lot of other songs such as "I Love Rock and Roll" by Joann Jett (while he took a smoke break). The only problem was that the show said it started at 9PM, but he did not come on until 10:30PM and the "opener" was a DJ that played Snoop Dogg songs... so unsure if that's actually an opener. Overall, great time and an amazing performer and legend!

Snoop @ Saban in BH

4 stars
keslerone Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills

Snoop always rocks! This time too. He had a good set with good energy. I REALLY wanted to hear One Shot One Kill and didn't get to.....Only bummer.

Snoop Dogg 9/25

3 stars
tigirl Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills

Snoop himself was amazing and what you would expect of a snoop performance. Yes he did show up hour and half late but again that's what i would expect from a Snoop concert. But for $140 a ticket I did not expect a 45 minute show! 45 MINUTES!!! No opener no nothing, just a 45 minute kind of night. Luckily I live close to the venue but I would have been pissed if I had a long trek to the concert. I feel like i need half my money back and the Saban Theater shouldn't allow this.

Snoop dissapointed

2 stars
Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills

Showed up 1.5 hours late and play for 45 minutes and charged $100.

This Dogg is Best in Show

5 stars
SacLBC Saban Theatre, Beverly Hills

Fantastic performance inside and out. Snoop delivered.