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First Time@Blues Game

5 stars
Rhondacake Scottrade Center, St Louis

It was amazing and would highly recommend attending a hockey game to anyone. Even if you are like me and know about a thimble full of knowledge about hockey, the arena atmosphere and the overall excitement from the die hard fans, gets you so pumped up. The music and the announcers etc add to the excitement. This was my first time to ever attend a professional hockey game. So for me it was very exciting. It was a family outing. My future son-in-law Joe a huge BLUES fan and my daughter and husband and I made a family night of it. Joe plays hockey and was available to give explantations for the penalties, etc of the game. And the guy behind us, well, he was so huge a fan, he dressed like a ref and painted his face and kept yelling and telling the team what they should be doing. So, it was interesting to say the least. EVEN, if the Blues didn't win, in my opinion they "ROCK". It was a very exciting game. Life is a learning experience, so if they didn't win this time, they can take something away from this game and give it better try, next time. I hope to go again and soon. I am hooked.

5 stars
Scottrade Center, St Louis

There is nothing more exciting than a Stanley Cup playoff game!

Too bad the Blues lost

5 stars
RBKS Scottrade Center, St Louis

My husband, son, grand-daughter and I went to Scottrade Center to watch the St Louis Blues vs Detroit Red Wings. We love watching hockey at that arena. Looking forward to going back next season!

Very Disappointed

1 stars
HSPGC Scottrade Center, St Louis

The tickets were the most expensive seats available and the Blues and Ticketmaster did not include on the ticket, the invoice or the ticket selection chart that they included the Blue Note Club. We had to find out from another fan after the game was 1/2 over. Then when we went to get the bracelet and I mentioned to the employee outside the Blue Note, he said he has heard that from other people too. for $400 a ticket the patrons should be well advised what is included.

Fan appreciation day was disappointing

3 stars
bluesfan68 Scottrade Center, St Louis

Although I enjoyed the game despite the fact that the Blues lost, I was extremely disappointed in the manner in which the fan appreciation day was conducted. We were told to stay in our seats until the end of the game because the players' jerseys were to be randomly given to the fans who remained in the stadium. Instead, as soon as the game ended, the jerseys were given to fans who must have been previously picked and brought down before the end of the game. That's fine, but if we knew that was the procedure, we would have left 10 minutes before to avoid the chaotic traffic.