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5 stars
Scottrade Center, St Louis

Game was fun even though my team lost!! The Blues fans around us were friendly and welcomed us to their city. Oh yes, there were a few hecklers after the game was over. Not very nice!! Our seats were super and we had fun!!

5 stars
Scottrade Center, St Louis

Great time. I love every minute of it.I would go again.

St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks

4 stars
namvet71 Scottrade Center, St Louis

Except for some of the Blues fans being jerks, it was an enjoyable evening out even if the Blackhawks didn't win. It was embarrassing for the guy sitting next to us (a Blues fan) who brought his young son. It's a shame you can't bring a young kid to a hockey game without subjecting him to this type of poor behavior exhibited by some of the Blues fans.

Great game - Blues and Blackhawks

5 stars
Scottrade Center, St Louis

The seats were great, the crowd was into the game. Always a great rivalry when the Blues and Blackhawks get together.

Blues got lucky

3 stars
jc010 Scottrade Center, St Louis

Hey it's only October I guess. Hawks should end up the better team.