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5 stars
Lucki704 Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit

We all know Tech N9ne puts on one of the bests shows out there. Always a great performance by him and Krizz

Always a good time

4 stars
WeeWee614 Saint Andrews Hall, Detroit

I've seen tech about 4 times now. While the energy is always good, I get tired of hearing the same songs every show. For as much music as the man puts out, some variety would be appreciated. I wasn't crazy about the venue. I feel like you were forced to be in the pit and no room to move and mingle. I prefer other detroit venues over st andrews.

Hats off to MURS...

4 stars
Jmart1204 Memorial Auditorium, Burlington

Tech n Krizz were great! The show started over 1/2hr late and the wait between acts was excruciating, especially for a smoker! Overall a good show but the Burlington police put a damper on the festivities by promising to take anyone to jail caught showing their breasts... Made the song titties a lot less notable. Lol.

5 stars
The Norva, Norfolk

It was a great concert. Murs really started getting people's attention then Chris Webby killed it making it hard to be the following act. Tech and Krizz followed up with an even better performance. I think Chris Webby, Murs, tech, and Krizz should all be asked to come back to the norva for more shows.

an experience I'll never forget!!

5 stars
iklmsbde The Norva, Norfolk

This was nothing like any concert I've been to. I listen to country music and have only heard this kind of music in my boyfriends car. I bought the tickets for him since I know he's been following Tech N9ne since before he got big, and I don't regret it one bit. It was so much fun and I got to hear a bunch of artists I've never heard of before and I LOVED it. The drummer for Tech N9ne was crazy good, Krizz Kalikos singing was on point and Tech N9nes rapping to 'Speedom' was probably the coolest thing I've ever heard lol. The only thing I didn't like was the mosh pits because I'm really short and tiny and couldn't get out.