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Nosebleed seats in Amalie Arena

5 stars
HomeyWasThere Amalie Arena, Tampa

When I realized that I purchased tickets in the very last row, I was worried. Once I finally made it to my seat, I was relieved. Even all the way in the top row, the view was great. Even better, I didn't have to worry about standing because nobody was behind me. A perk on top of that was that I could place my food and drinks behind the seat, and not have to worry about them. The game itself was fun, the fans ribbed each other, but respectfully, and the atmosphere overall was very family friendly. It was a memorable event for sure, and I'm glad I got to check one more thing off of my bucket list. I'd definitely do it all over again.

Lightning - What an experience

5 stars
SherriKay Amalie Arena, Tampa

I love going to Amalie Arena to watch the Lightning play. They really kicked it up several notches for the playoffs. The pregame show was fabulous, can't say enough about it. Love what Jeff Vinik does for the community each game and love the product this organization puts on the ice. Everyone at the arena is always so helpful and friendly. Win or lose I always have a great time. Thank you so much Tampa Bay Lightning!!

Awesome seats on the blue line!

5 stars
Madmax24 Amalie Arena, Tampa

Loved the venue and crowd!!!! Cant beat the live action and the sound of the puck hitting the glass. My first Stanley Cup game too.

POOR food, in the upper chase level; NEVER AGAIN

2 stars
drtom Amalie Arena, Tampa

Sitting in the Chase Club, I thought we were buying the whole dinning experience; I bought these tickets expecting an great meal; like past experiences. I was sad to find out that the second level of the Chase club had 4 appetizers; a soggy spring roll, cold cocktail meatballs, pulled chicken and nacho chips with cheese, I think the bar was open to beer and wine. Oh and during the third period the brought out store bought cookies. SO GO FOR THE VIEW, AND GREAT TALENT ON THE ICE ..BUT DON'T PAY FOR THE PRESTIGE OR LUXURY OF THE CHASE CLUB EXPERIENCE.

Stanley Cup - Game 2 - Tampa

5 stars
TheBeastVenice Amalie Arena, Tampa

The game was awesome. 4 out of the 6 seats we bought were in the club section. 2 out of the 6 were in the 300 level. Really good time