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Need a special class on how to throw a check

4 stars
cupneeded Amalie Arena, Tampa

What a great game! Goalies both were outstanding. Vas won the game for us. What a bright future he has. I'm very disappointed that we only have one person that understands the importance of checking in hockey. I simply do not understand why a pro player chooses to refuse to finish a check. I think the blame must be passed down to the coaches. If they do not start checking I'm afraid the we will not go far in the playoffs. We have speed, puck handling, scoring ability necessary but it is worthless without gaining respect from our opponents by not checking. Great Team! Proud to be a Lighting fan!

Maple Leafs

5 stars
1JRD Amalie Arena, Tampa

Great game. Close score. Great view from seats and watching game on scoreboard when players in near corners.

Excellent location, services, event

5 stars
Achariya Amalie Arena, Tampa

Everything about watching the Bolts play is amazing, from the vendors, to the seats, to the community outreach mentioned during the game. I loved the energy of the crowd, my seats were perfect and I could see everything excellently well, and it was a great game.

Rangers Win!

5 stars
Jiggster Amalie Arena, Tampa

Great seats, great crowd, and the Rangers won! What else could I ask for?

5 stars
Amalie Arena, Tampa

Fantastic game and venue!!!! Fun place to watch hockey!!!!