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Hockey game at Amalie Arena just great

5 stars
ENIO Amalie Arena, Tampa

Me and my wife went to Amalie Arena 3 times. And all of them to watch the Bolts and were incredible experiences. A great place to watch, great fans and very confortable.

Pleased with lower decibel level.

4 stars
Amalie Arena, Tampa

Have been to 2 games so far this season. What I've noticed at both games is it seems Lightning organization has made a much appreciated effort to tone things down at the games this season, in particular, sound level, public address system and choice of music between whistles. Last season I thought, and I think others would agree, it was just way too loud and a bit obnoxious. I'm finding games much more enjoyable. Ushers and staff always friendly, extremely polite and knowledgeable.

Fantastic time!

5 stars
DFJF Amalie Arena, Tampa

The arena was VERY nice. This was our 1st time there, and were very impressed with the food options, cleanliness, and comfort of the venue. Parking was easy and accessible, and very reasonable at $12. We can't wait to go back!

The seats were amazing !

5 stars
Grisvero123 Amalie Arena, Tampa

Loved the game, I can't wait again to take my son now to a game. I took my boyfriend to he's first hockey game. He loved it.

4 stars
Frozennuts Amalie Arena, Tampa

Great game, poor seats. Hot soup and blankets needed for this seating area. A warning needs to be given for these areas in the arena.