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Great venue Sad Loss

4 stars
realistgva Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa

This was my 2nd game and loss of the Lightnings within a week. The game was great, the venue is just amazing. I had been told on how wild the fans would be. Turns out our local crowd in Switzerland is a lot louder and vocal. The only problem with the venue is that as a vegan there are no food options available inside


5 stars
TPAChillin Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa

The Lightning put on a great show!! Awesome venue for a sporting event, one of my favorite stadiums that I have ever been too, lots of energy in the building, the place is very clean, the food is good..... Overall very impressive!!

A Great Fan Experience

5 stars
SportingEventFiend Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa

My husband and I enjoy traveling and visiting different sporting events/venues. While we were in Tampa, the Lightning was the only team in town so we hit them up. It was worth the money spent. They did well making the atmosphere energetic. You wouldn't have to twist my arm to make me see them again, despite my not being a born and raised fan of the Lightning.


5 stars
Tiggrmommi Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa

Hockey should be the world's favorite sport! So much action!

Always a good match up

3 stars
Cindy1818 Tampa Bay Times Forum, Tampa

The game was great. Unfortunately we could not sit in our purchased seats because the lady next to us had so much perfume on it was making us sick! Luckily the usher re-seated us in empty seats about 5 rows further back. We were not too crazy about the club music during the game breaks. The spinning DJ's were a bit cocky, annoying, and did not cut off the music by the puck drop moment. The organ is awesome and we prefer the more classic cheering songs.