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Leafs Vs. buffalo

5 stars
Superrestorationman Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Nice game good seats. Lots of fun Perfect night out.

Go Maple Leafs

5 stars
DJ4rmGA Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Great event! My first NHL game while visiting Toronto. Fans were great as the Maple Leafs won in OT

Low Effort by Leafs, Nearby Fans Disgusting & Rude

1 stars
HockeyHound Air Canada Centre, Toronto

The fans sitting beside me talked the entire game at high volume about hockey and nearly every other subject. They were rude and the one Leaf "fan" wanted Bernier in the net so he called for him every few minutes when Reimer was at our end. Another Leaf supporter nearby got fed up and asked him to quiet down and it nearly led to a fight. Of course leather lungs just yelled louder and louder. His pal was a Red Wing fan and wanted everyone to hear the history of every player on the team-all at full volume. Every person breathed a sigh of relief every time they left their seats. Even the pregnant woman straight behind them was ready to punch them out. Their language was crude and rude and not at all appropriate for those with families nearby. Not sure if they are regulars but I sure hope not. The Leafs don't really need fans who call out against their own players all night long. The Leafs made a miserable effort so I think no one in Blue had a good night. Not one Leaf earned their salary and should give what they earned to charity since they were charitable with the Wings on many plays.

Toronto Maple Leafs

5 stars
SherrySoper Air Canada Centre, Toronto

We flew from NL to see our first Leafs game & it was definitely worth the trip!!!

Leafs Rock

5 stars
cqrn Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Great seats - reasonable price - too bad it was preseason!! But a great game and WE WON!! Too bad Kessel and Bozak were off!