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Hockey in the homeland of hockey!

5 stars
jonsod Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Very satisfied with with my visit to Air Canada Center. Especially nice that we stumbled onto the Hall of Fame game with both Lidström and Salming on ice before the game. The game itself was entertaining but not especially well-played. Got to see the new 3-on-3 format as well. If I visit Toronto again I will absolutely go back for more hockey.

5 stars
Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Great game with Detroit winning in overtime!!!!!!!!

The Leafs...

3 stars
Mike99999 Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Seats were affordable, but was not very clear that they were in the standing section, Beware that if your section has an S at the end if it, you don't get a seat!

Money well spent

4 stars
Planetblue Air Canada Centre, Toronto

First some background on myself. I'm from the UK and my only experience of live sport is Football/Soccer where I'm a season ticket holder of my local team Ipswich. This was the first time I had attended a North American sporting event. The Canadians are so friendly which that alone makes it great. We arrived early and the Air Canada Centre is an excellent top class venue, much preferred it to Old Trafford in Manchester UK which I had visited a couple of weeks before. The whole spectacle of the night was great, the build up and entertainment away from the game itself was excellent. Despite losing the game 3-1 I really enjoyed the game, was great to see.

Nothing beats live hockey

5 stars
Air Canada Centre, Toronto

This was the first time I'd ever been to a hockey game. I'm in the U.K so this was a vacation treat, and I have to say it is the best live sporting event I've EVER been to. It was absolutely awesome, and the Air Canada centre is a fantastic venue too. You're not a true hockey fan until you've been to a game and so if ever you get the chance, seize it with both hands......... Outstanding!!!