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1 stars
QUIGGS83 Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Horrible experience!!!!! Lines where 4 hours long, went to bathroom after waiting for 2 and was not allowed back in line!!!! Security were not friendly at all!!!! Nobody knew anything and too many tickets where sold!!!!! Glad i didnt bring my kids cause they wouldnt have been able to last an hour there!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED DIE HARD FAN!!!!! HUGE MONEY GRAB FOR THE LEAFS ORGINIZATION!!!!

Leafs fan fest was disappointing.

1 stars
Salming Air Canada Centre, Toronto

I arrived with 2 of my kids on Saturday just before the gates opened. We were probably 200th in line. Once the doors opened we proceeded to the Leaf dressing room only to find a huge lineup for it already. I figured it would take at least an hour to get in so we took a quick visit into the visitors room and left the area. We then toured around and eventually made it to where the Leaf players were available for pictures. The line up for that was at least 2 hours long. This meant that if my kids' favourite player was 1st, we wouldn't see him because they were only there for an hour. So we thought if the lineup is this long for pictures, we should go back to the Leaf room only to find a 3 hour lineup to get in. Friends of ours were also there and endured the lineups. They tweeted their disappointment with the event and were sent an apology from MLSE as well as an autographed Leaf photo and 4 tickets to a Marlie game. We don't have twitter but it would be a good gesture on behalf of MLSE to do the same for us long suffering Leaf fans.

Leaf Nation

2 stars
Peanut70 Air Canada Centre, Toronto

First Thank you for having put together a great idea for the fans. As you could see from the turn out, it is a great idea. Unfortunately like any new venue, there will be many different obstacles that will arise. I think that the staff and everyone involved tried their best to make certain situations better and to help the fans. There were many line ups and long waits for different things. With this being the first year, you can take this experience and use it to make next year's fan fest even better. My kids still had a great time. They did get to meet Morgan Reilly and had signatures from 2 others. It may not of been Tyler Bozak or Phil Kessel, which are their favourite, but meeting any Leaf player made their day. Thankyou for FAN FEST!!!

Very Frustrating

1 stars
RONNSI Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Went for 4 hrs on the line for an autograph n photograph for a player my kids didn't even wanted... From that point our day are done no appetite anymore to do other activities on the event....kids got hungry and were soooo sad not even 1 player they like got to see them up close and just went out.. They are more happier though buying them a happy meal.... I heard Sunday event was more organized...now they are offering tickets for a Marlies game for those who went on Saturday frustrated... What!!!!!!??? Are you kidding??? My kids like to see the Leafs not the Marlies.. Come on man.. Do make some sense....i think im still generous you got one star...


1 stars
Tazcop Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Very unorganized and poorly run lines were too long rushed through everything not given time to enjoy anything