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Worst seats ever

1 stars
Leadsledger Air Canada Centre, Toronto

We couldn't see the visitors net. Obstructed view X100

1 stars
Carlo1234 Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Couldn't see a damn thing was not aware until after I purchased the tickets that it was an obstructed view after I purchased the tickets it said in big letters obstructed view so then I checked the 3d seating and everything looked fine so I figured maybe it's nothing I then goto the game and notice a big wall to my left that was blocking my view to one whole side of the ice very disappointed will never buy off ticketmaster again


5 stars
Bacchin Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Fantastic! I went with my wife and we loved. 2,5 hours of great entertainment. The tickets was quite expensive, but worth it.

Maple Leafs

5 stars
RickShantz Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Excellent! Maple leafs .... Good choice.... Nice tickets!

4 stars
Air Canada Centre, Toronto

Great atmosphere, friendly fans, and the Leafs won 5-1!