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Amazing Experience

4 stars
KillCat Terminal 5, New York

This concert was AMAZING, GREAT music and A Great Crowd. Will definitely be attending again. He played almost his whole last album (WOLF) and some from his previous albums and mixtapes.

The tylerthecreator show was good.

3 stars
Notrashel Terminal 5, New York

The Tyler show was good but I expected more, his set was short. But over all I had a good time.

Highlight of my life

4 stars
EvanKmec Terminal 5, New York

It was an amazing time! Tyler put on a great performance along with jasper and taco. He waited a really long time to come out though and the only reason it's not 5 stars is because there was a hell of a lot of pushing before the concert even started. But other than that a great show.


5 stars
bcelest Terminal 5, New York

First time seeing Tyler the Creator and I had so much fun. Taco DJ'ed the whole show and he did such a great job at keeping the crowd hyped and into the show, kudos to him. Tyler came out along with Jasper Dolphin and they did a variety of songs, old and newer. Not only did they do more upbeat songs, they did slow songs too like Inglorious and She. They were very interactive with the crowd which was really cool.

Such an amazing show!

5 stars
Thisisnotacreativename Terminal 5, New York

There was so much energy displayed by Tyler, Taco, and Jasper. It was my first time going to Tyler's concert and I had so much fun that I was sad when it was over. They were all nice and interacted with fans in the crowd. Overall it was a fun time. I really recommend going to one if you're a fan and you've never been to one of his concerts before!