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motorcycles unbelievable

5 stars
crabbie01 Metrolina Expo Fairgrounds, Charlotte

The whole event was excellent, my grankids were mesmerized. Every moment will be unforgettable.

4 stars
Metrolina Expo Fairgrounds, Charlotte

I loved the show but this my second time going. I was like same show like last year. I would love to see a change on few of the same faces. I did not the parking and three new boys with face painted white. They were not as entertaining as the boy who loves to whistle.

Loved it!!!

5 stars
Gabismom1 Metrolina Expo Fairgrounds, Charlotte

This was our second year going and it was even better. Loved the Christmas theme. My daughter loved everything. We had awesome seats and saw everything.


5 stars
Dezcaughtit Metrolina Expo Fairgrounds, Charlotte

This was my fourth time going to Universoul Circus and once again it exceeded my expectations

Best Circus Ever!

5 stars
CookieSmith2015 Metrolina Expo Fairgrounds, Charlotte

I took my children to the Universoul Circus for the 1st time, and it was an amazing experience! We've gone to the Ringling Brothers circus as well, but this circus was far better. It was fun, and interactive with a touch of magic thrown in. It wasnt just animals, it was a lot of crowd participation, and that was amazing. The music was great, and overall, it a very unique, and enjoyable experience for us. We plan to go every year from now on! We have another new family tradition!