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UniverSoul Circus is a highly interactive combination of circus arts, theater, and music. Under the single ring big top we combine circus arts, theater and music. Our show is fresh, funky, bold, fun and challenges your imagination like no other circus. UniverSoul Circus embraces and celebrates the unique and familiar aspects of urban pop culture globally by bringing them center stage with a cast of international performers that reflect the cultural diversity of the world in which we live.




5 stars
MZTW Chene Park – Universoul Circus, Detroit

I took my nieces and nephew and they never been to circus. They really enjoyed it. It was the best experience they had.

5 stars
Chene Park – Universoul Circus, Detroit

This is a great show for the family. We go every year. Can't wait for it to come back to the "D".

Another UniverSoul Circus

5 stars
Chene Park – Universoul Circus, Detroit

This year was better and more interactive with the audience. It was a great family event for the young and the old, but young at heart....

If you have not been you must go

4 stars
MadameCat Chene Park – Universoul Circus, Detroit

The show is always great. I take my kids every year even my older daughters who is 21 and 18 years old. I always go to the last show. Due to my daughter having to work that night we decided to go to the 3:30 show. For the first time I feel like we did not get our money's worth. The show seem to be shorter. Looking at people snap chat I can tell they cut the show short. For the first time I told my kids they can do the elephant ride, well this year at the 3.30 show they didn't have the elephant ride. Don't get me wrong I still loved the show but they shouldn't have shorten it.

Even Better than Before

5 stars
LegacyCharlie Chene Park – Universoul Circus, Detroit

Me and my fiancé enjoyed the Universal Circus even more this year than the last. All of the acts were awesome, captivating, multi-cultural and unique. Every aspect of the circus was well orchestrated and kept you energized!! MAJOR KUDOS to all of the UNIVERSAL CIRCUS performers, Staff and Conductors!!! You can best believe We plan on next year's experience as well!!! Well, an unexpected highlight was when I tried to get the ring leader to pull my fiancé out for the dance challenge(I was pointing over her head without her knowing it) and instead he pulled me out instead. So four ppl were pulled out of the crowd to repeat dance moves that he would do. What he didn't know is that I actually know how to dance, so I started a little of what he demonstrated and then I began doing the Detroit Jit (a fast paced footwork dance developed in Detroit) and the crowd went crazy and cheered me on. TH conductor laughed and walked to the side of the ring and let me show out. I won the dance competition. Just a wonderful memorable lifetime moment for me.

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