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5 stars
cfwester Lafayette Square Mall, Indianapolis

The circus performers were outstanding. It was a great family-fun time.

Never a Dull Moment!!

5 stars
lbelony321 Lafayette Square Mall, Indianapolis

This was the first time that my family had been to the circus and we could not have imagined a greater, more thrilling display of entertainment. We loved every single fiber of the show. The hosts were funny and witty. Each act was more mesmorizing and heart-pounding than the next. Most of all we thoroughly enjoyed the fact that the audience was involved every step of the way. This is a MUST-SEE!!!

UniverSoul Circus is something to watch!

4 stars
MPmike2000 Lafayette Square Mall, Indianapolis

My daughter and I enjoyed the UniverSoul Circus. It was a fun and entertaining experience. The circus is different compared to Ringley and Barnum Bros. which I have seen a few times, and I do like the two. I will go again the next time the UniverSoul Circus comes around.


5 stars
Apple34 Lafayette Square Mall, Indianapolis

Soul circus is the best circus. I like how they started it in prayer and gospel songs. I love the song every praise. They entertainers always make it fun.

5 stars
Lafayette Square Mall, Indianapolis

I have been going to the UniverSoul Circus for over 15 years now I always have a fantastic time with my family. This year was really fun