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5 stars
Cavedawg Security Square Mall, Baltimore

One of the best shows that I have ever seen. Tigers, elephants, camels, flying dirt bikes, acrobats galore, great tunes, and three full hours of fun and excitement

The best family show I have ever been to!!!

5 stars
Sexylee Security Square Mall, Baltimore

This was the best family show I have ever attended. It was my first time going because I was never interested in going but it wasn't my daughter's first time. Lets just say after my one time going I will be attending every show, every year when it comes to my area. It was fun for the entire family. I'm a mom in my 30's, my 11 yr old daughter, my 3 yr old little cousin and my aunt in her 40's went & we all enjoyed the show there wasn't a minute of the show that we didn't enjoy.

Great Circus!

5 stars
NGWGrammy Security Square Mall, Baltimore

Grandsons and their friends enjoyed all the acts and being a part of the show!

5 stars
RDCDiane Security Square Mall, Baltimore


The Best Circus Around!

4 stars
AlligatorRiver Security Square Mall, Baltimore

The UniverSoul Circus is the best circus I have had the pleasure of seeing and I have seen enough live circus to know that I don't consider myself a circus lover. If you want a good time out with your family this circus is the place to take them. My review is...*entrance tickets were at a reasonable price *our seating was okay but we could not see some things well because of the person head in front of us. The seating is stadium style but the levels are not high enough to enable you to see the full view of the ring if an adult sits in front of you *the temperature was hot. There was some air going but it was not working good at all. I was sweating as well as my sons were sweating from the heat (saw circus in July), *Concessions was expensive but not out of the norm for this type of entertainment... ex: sodas $4, funnel cake $6, snow cone $5 cotton candy $7 ect. The issues I mentioned is not making me not attend again. I laughed so much I plan to attend again next year. Next time I will plan a little better since I know what to expect.