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4 stars
Maxepatterson Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Great event. Better than a game. More affordable. For charity. Lots of giveaways. Only issue I had was ignorant people sitting in our seats that WOULD NOT MOVE.

great time by all!

5 stars
Rogers Arena, Vancouver

What's great time. Had a blast. A great event for family's, individuals and couples. Lots of entertainment and plus all the money is going to a great cause. A must see.

Canucks Superskills was great fun with family!

5 stars
Samafua Rogers Arena, Vancouver

I took family which included 2 nephews, ages 3 & 8, whom had never been to such an event. They had such a great time, as did my brother, my sis and her hubby and friends. They were all new to the event and already looking forward to next year's event. I have been several years now and enjoy every moment watching the event and the players with their kids all just having fun. It's a fantastic family event and its supports a wonderful cause. Thank you Canucks!!!

3 stars
Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Due to construction work around the stadium there was a long queue to exit

Must for NHL Fans

4 stars
mrmani Rogers Arena, Vancouver

great athmosphere in the Stadium, i think every fan likes it, but also for Starters a great experiance to see a game of the canucks