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3 stars
Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Good family event but it appeared to be lacking the excitement and organization. Too much down time and not enough going on to entertain. Could use some more PR time or autograph sessions or activities for people before the skills competition. Alumni Game needs more hype as it was really boring for children.

Great Seats for a End to End Game.

5 stars
HeIsIrishIAmScottish Rogers Arena, Vancouver

What a great game that was end to end and full of action. All that was missing was a good bust up fight.

Canucks 4 Life!!!

5 stars
BarDown17 Rogers Arena, Vancouver

I like the fact I was given unexpected passes for free movies and snacks that was a bonus.


5 stars
PaulCarey Rogers Arena, Vancouver

This is the only time I have gone to a pro hockey game in person. What a fantastic thrill to see it in person. The difference in our local team and the pros is astounding. The whole experience was a once in a lifetime experience. This is also because the tickets are excessively expensive. I could never afford to go on a regular basis. But I am super glad I went this one time.

Amazing Night!

5 stars
Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Our first NHL experience, atmosphere, venue, facilities & game all amazing, both my wife & I really enjoyed it. Can't wait to go again some time in the future.