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Canucks win in OT!!!

5 stars
Coreyama Rogers Arena, Vancouver

The seats were great. It was so easy just printing them out. It was a great game. Lots of back and forth action and in the end the Canucks won 4-3 in OT.

Game was fun.

5 stars
piggybutt Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Nothing like a hockey game in Canada. The seats are a little tight but the Canadians are nice so wasn't bad.

Good game.

4 stars
Whapadalot Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Good game. Will call had trouble finding my tickets though.

Canucks D broke down in the 3rd.

2 stars
MrYumYum Rogers Arena, Vancouver

Yes the Vancouver teams D let the islanders walk around lack giving them ample time to score they need to stand them up at the blue line. Better an smarter passing in there own end. I think me. Fun should b more visible during the game to get the kids involved cause all this bad plus get the adults mad an yell a lot. These kids see this an act out just like them. Where is the fun in the game???

Every Canucks game I pay to watch, they lose

2 stars
Booocanucks Rogers Arena, Vancouver

It was a good time, good atmosphere, but the Canucks lost again. Not by just a little bit either.