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Vince was awsome as usual !!

5 stars
Chickendude Township Auditorium, Columbia

Most people mail it in when doing a benefit. Not Vince. Over 2 hours of rockin the house. Incredible !!

Vince Gill and his entourage were great

5 stars
ibtrixie Township Auditorium, Columbia

Vince Gill is an amazing artist both vocal and instruments. He is a compassionate human being and a gifted musician.

Vince Gill was incredible!

5 stars
jek241 Township Auditorium, Columbia

Just a great jam session without fluff or frills. Vince was having a great time singing his hits and so was the crowd. Jenny Gill was a great addition as well as the new future star, Charlie Worsham (?). Great voice on that kid!! It was a wonderful way to raise money for the "Win Anyway Foundation. Sold Out House!!


5 stars
allf0rme33 Township Auditorium, Columbia

Vince Gill is an amazing artist. He still sounds just as good as he did when I was a child. One of the best memories I'll ever have!

Vince Gill was definitely "THE MAN"

5 stars
Gettinmad Township Auditorium, Columbia

My husband and I attended the concert together and were both blown away by the quality and energy of the show. Vince's instrumental talent along with his voice--which, by the way, does not sound like a woman's!--made for a great night. We had bought tickets to experience a night with Vince but were doubly blessed by the opening show and by the fact that it was a fund raiser for a wonderful cause. At one point in the concert Vince said he had been asked to come sing for the cause because no one else would do it; I think he was asked because the producer(s) knew he is all heart wrapped in all talent. It was a win-win night for everyone! Great evening of music and joy! When Vince comes back to Columbia we'll probably be there!