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Vince Gill

3 stars
Poloboy Taft Theatre, Cincinnati

Really like review, but we came to see Vince with the benefits of the other performers he looks to be mentoring. We thought there was too much other performers and not enough Vince.

Vince Gill has the voice of an angel

4 stars
lizabip Milwaukee Theatre, Milwaukee

Love, love, love Vincle Gill! My favorite all-time musician/singer. The show was awesome. Charlie Worsham, Jenny Gill and Ashley Monroe are all very talented musicians/singers in their own right. The instruments drowned out the singers in the first half of the show. When you have singers that good, it's disappointing when the band is so loud that their voices are drowned out. Particularly when you're hearing new singers for the first time, I'd like to be able to hear their voices and the words of the song when I don't know the music. Best part of the show was when Vince sang with just his guitar. Simple, but so powerful. Let's be honest - I will always see Vince when he comes to town. No big stage show needed. Keep the supporting instruments in a supporting role only. I'm not coming to the show to hear the piano and guitars drown everyone out.

Vince Gill and friends was outstanding

5 stars
Buddisdad55 Taft Theatre, Cincinnati

It was a great night with Vince coming on stage first with no warm up show. He was right at 8:00 and played in not only his songs but also in most of the other three singers. The show lasted three full hours with only a short twenty minuets break. The sound was not to loud so it hurt your ears and seeing his Daughter as one of the other friend was great. Mentioning having his first three way in Cincinnati (skyline Chile that is) brought looks from his Daughter. But we all knew what he was talking about. He did explain it to the others. The others playing with him made a great round of entertainment. The Taft is a beautiful building with great seating and viewing from wherever in the building.

Vince Gill and Friends

5 stars
WaupunLifer Milwaukee Theatre, Milwaukee

The concert was awesome. I loved the format where there was no opening acts, and they all took turns singing their songs and backing each other up. Vince was great, as was Ashley Monroe, Charlie Worsham and Vunce's daughter Jenny. Her voice, in particular, is awesome! She is going to go far. Lasted about 2-1/2 hours with 20 minute intermission.

Vince Gill rocked it

5 stars
Jeffries River City Casino and Hotel, St Louis

Enjoyed the concert very much. First time seeing Vince play and it was worth it.