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It was excellent

5 stars
Riseabover Bradley Center, Milwaukee

This was my first time sitting in the floor seating area and I loved it. I was in the second row and the all around atmosphere was great. The matches were good but as with all fans I did not like all of the outcomes. I loved my time at this event and want to do it again very soon.

Wrestling in person is awesome

4 stars
Jimmeh Bradley Center, Milwaukee

I really liked going to WWE. When you were there the people were so close to you and the fighting seemed awesome because it was live and just AWESOME! Plus you get to boo people and stuff.


5 stars
fnobscure STAPLES Center, Los Angeles

WWE does it again. When Smackdown/ECW came to town due to the NBA finals, I was extatic but wary on if Staples and the WWE would be able to pull off ssuch a spectacle with the limited time available. Not only did they meet those expectations, they blew them out of the water. WWE went ahead and assigned 3 dark matches in which everyone was a steel cage match. They made sure to make us understand how much they aprreciated the LA fans for coming on such a short notice. Thank you WWE, I will definitley be returning again.

Seats Sux

3 stars
ART83 AT&T Center, San Antonio

The seats suck for the price. I expected more but was disappointed.

WWE Rocked my socks!

5 stars
Frizzylizzy82 AT&T Center, San Antonio

I'm not someone who is super into wresteling. I had seen a few shows before and also watched it a bit when I was a teenager. My son took an interest to it when I was flipping through the channels. A few days later I recieved an e-mail to get tickets. They were a good price so I figured why not. I am VERY glad I decided to go. It was a lot more then I expected. We had so much fun. The wrestlers sure put on a great show and made it believable.