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cros one off bucket list

5 stars
kingwilley University of Delaware, Newark

what a great night the wrestlers were awesome.seats were great.

Highly Recommended

5 stars
1987UDAlumni University of Delaware, Newark

Folks, I highly recommend this event to everyone, including families. There was something for every wrestling fan to enjoy: wrestling superstars, women wrestlers, small people wrestlers, one on one matches, and tag team matches. The event was truly action packed and so much better to see live than on television or DVD. In addition, the stadium food was actually good and reasonably priced (as far as stadium prices go). Lastly, parking was a breeze and FREE. I can't wait for the next WWE event. Yes, it really was that good. Kudos to the University of Delaware and the WWE for having this event in our hometown.

good show

4 stars
rtb2243 University of Delaware, Newark

1.Didn't have to pay for parking. 2. Small venue, seats were excellent. 3. Plenty of A listers, liked the midgets. 4. Plenty of action.

wwe live

3 stars
andora1 University of Delaware, Newark

It was good but I am very upset that the Philadelphia show was announced after the Newark show and a lot of the name wrestlers were in Philadelphia and the card was changed after the fact. It was too late to obtain good seats. I blame the WWE for disapointing my 6 year old grandson who is an avid John Cena fan and did not get to see him. I hope you can get this to the WWE people since I cannot find anyway to contact them.

3 stars
University of Delaware, Newark

Solid overall show, however very disappointed at the very end. My 5 yr old loves roman reigns and at the end of the show, he went only to half of the fans in the front row. He completely blew us of, and just gave a gesture toward us. My 5 year old son was crushed, and it was a long car ride home trying to explain to him why his favorite superstar did not want to come over and give him a high 5. He also blew off all of the fans when he arrived at the arena as well. Again very disappointed that we had front row tickets right near the ramp and twice my sons favorite super star blew him off!