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  • Walking with Dinosaurs - The Live Experience

We currently do not have any tickets on-sale for Walking with Dinosaurs - The Live Experience.


It was a good show but lacking.

3 stars
Alysha516 Barclays Center, Brooklyn

The overall show was good. I brought my nephew whom is 8 and loves dinosaurs. He was attentive through most of the show but at some points he was bored. The dinosaurs were great and obviously took most of the budget for the show as it is about dinosaurs but the set and props were lacking. They looked cheap and really were not thrilling or amazing what so ever. Overall, I am glad we went, got to experience it but we won't go back and I don't recommend it.

Walking with Dinosaurs

5 stars
Dino12345 US AIR WAYS, Phx

this show was amazing. my husband and 8 yr old daughter and myself had a great time it was sooo worth the money spent. still talking about it,

An Experience for sure!

5 stars
MrsRix Xcel energy Center, St Paul

Although yes the tickets were spendy we had an amazing time when the event came to Minnesota. At our venue I dont think there was one bad seat in the house! It was perfect. I was amazed at how realistic they were and of the children, which in my opinion should be writting these reviews along with us! thought is was great. We talked about it long after. I think everyone should see this once. If they change up the skit to another story of some sort i would go again for sure (Price is the only reason I probably wont return to see the exact same show)

Walking With The "RipOFF" Saurs

1 stars
RBB69 Arena, Milwaukee

This was one of the biggest Rip Offs & waste of money that I ever unfortunately took part in. It was nothing that they protrayed it to be, what with the people opperated animals & the way it was presented. The show was very short & "Outragiously" Overpriced. My best advice, DON'T WASTE YOUR $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

walking with dinosaurs was WAY to short for price!

3 stars
jelliebellie American Bank Center Arena, Corpus Christi

With all the hype from the commercials and the website we went expecting alot more. It seemed very short and there was an intermission. We paid the maximum for great seats, second row up from the floor, and still the dinosaurs were so far away. I wanted more, especially the part with the bird just floating there. My son lost interest and wanted to leave. We would likely go again but pay for the cheaper tickets. I wish it would have been longer.

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