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Giant error by Caps keeper produced score

3 stars
ReturningSwede Verizon Center, Washington

A tight game where both teams controlled the opposition better than they produced scoring opportunities was decided when the Caps keeper behind the goal passed the puck to a Devils player on the wrong side of the red line. It was the kind of error you don't expect to see at this level. At the same time, the goal was impressively taken as the angle was minimal.

Great Game, Good Time

4 stars
fja1726 Verizon Center, Washington

The game itself was very entertaining. Music played throughout the event added to the experience.

Caps v Flames

5 stars
FanofShatner Verizon Center, Washington

I had a great time. I like that I can choose my seat, great feature.

Loved the game and the atmoshere

5 stars
Habsgirl Verizon Center, Washington

I always love watching a hockey game. Some are better than others, this one was, for the most part, one of the better ones. The atmosphere is electric and fans are very excited to see their team, but never excessive or impolite to others - even fans of the opposing team. Food and refreshments are great and there are plenty of choices. It is always a great experience to come to the Verizon Center!

I wish they would have won

4 stars
freddiecrs Verizon Center, Washington

The Caps are always exciting to watch. The play is fast, the other associated people (e.g. Slapshot, the Red Rockets, and consistent attendees like the horn blower) really know how to get the crowd involved in the action. Even when they don't win, I always have a blast when I go. My only criticism is that invariable there is someone nearby who doesn't exercise hockey etiquette and makes it hard to see and watch the game. Fortunately the arena personnel are happy to move attendees to better seats when that happens. Let's go Caps! All the way to the Stanley Cup this year!