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Ranger at a Caps game

5 stars
NYAndrew Verizon Center, Washington

I'm a Rangers fan and can say there were actually a fair amount of Rangers fans out there. I had a couple near me, but there was this obnoxiously annoying kid in front screaming "Rangers suck!" the entire game. Was surprised at the disrespect from the Caps fans, but that's bound to happen at any sporting event. I was just happy to see my team play and stuck it out until the end. Took the Metro in from Vienna which saved money and time, but it was also a little complicated with the lack of Metro directions and explanations along the way. Tickets weren't too expensive. Didn't buy anything in there because it's highway robbery. Would have been nice to have a little Rangers novelty section, but it's obvious why that didn't happen. I showed my tickets from my phone and it worked flawlessly. Wasn't sure how to get the free food they announced in the stadium. Overall it's a great experience whether your team is the home or away team on the ice to see them play live.

Great Venue for Hockey

4 stars
TOADNAV Verizon Center, Washington

I'm new to the area and this was my 1st Caps game. As a lifelong hockey fan I've been to lots of games in lots of arenas and I was fairly impressed with the Verizon Center. It's no Madison Square Garden but it is a pretty good place to see a hockey game. Seats: One row off the glass behind the Rangers bench! Great for me as a Ranger fan but probably wouldn't sit there against other teams. I recommend sitting at 7-10 rows back for a completely unobstructed view of the action.

C-A-P-S Caps Caps Caps!!

5 stars
HockeyFanAllOver Verizon Center, Washington

This was my first ever Caps game, but not my first visit to Verizon Center. It was very memorable because of Ovi's 500th goal. As for Verizon Center, a very nice and clean facility. The ushers and attendants were very nice. Definitely will be going back in the near future.

Capitals vs. Sabres was absolutely unforgettable!!

5 stars
FCWomanN1NC Verizon Center, Washington

We totally enjoyed going to the Capitals v. Sabres at Verizon Center as we were able to watch the Capitals win!!!!! The seats we had were in a good section up against the wall so we didn't have anyone accidently kicking us in the back. I had hoped we had seats on the aisle but we were 5 seats in which turned out to be okay. I appreciated the cup holder on the seat in front of us for us! I did have a little trouble getting up and down out of the seat due to the arm rest when the Capitals scored (as I am NOT a small person!). The view was amazing and it was easy to get to the Verizon Center as we took advantage of using METRO Transit downtown from the Tyson's Corner Area. Our section was right off the concourse which was easy to access in and out of the event.

The Cost is Ridiculous

1 stars
Itsaysnicknameistooshort Verizon Center, Washington

We had a great time at the game, beat Motreal. But the cost is just ridiculous. Over $1300 for five to attend the game. And that's tickets only. Not even counting concessions and souvenirs. I appreciate that's what the market will bear and that's what you can get. But you're pricing out families unless they're in the nose bleed corners.