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Absolutely Incredible!

5 stars
Darcytdog Gershwin Theatre, New York

One of the most entertaining plays we've seen. Fantastic talent, beautiful sets. Highly Recommended!


5 stars
Shdhsn Gershwin Theatre, New York

I usually fall asleep in the musical shows, but this show was awesome, 2 main characters had done justice to their characters and were full of energy throughout 2 plus hours.

Wicked was beyond incredible!

5 stars
AnnMrm Gershwin Theatre, New York

Loved LOVED the entire show! I have seen many musicals on Broadway and Wicked, by far, was the absolute BEST story! :) Loved the entire thing! "Can't wait to see it again! :)


5 stars
Donna323 Gershwin Theatre, New York

My husband and son bought these for me for my birthday/anniversary knowing I really wanted to see this show. It was amazing. I truly loved it. I thought the entire cast was amazing but the two young ladies in the leading roles we just amazing. I would see this show again. I especially loved the defying gravity and popular acts. The entire show was breathtaking from the setting to the costumes to the songs and especially the cast. I truly will remember this Broadway show. Thank you


5 stars
disneyfam Gershwin Theatre, New York

This was my 4th time to see Wicked. Our seats were Awesome, row A, seat 2. We could see everything, no obstructions. LOVED these seats. I would sit there again. The music, costumes, humor, and story make this a show that everyone should enjoy.