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5 stars
NikkiCoop Gershwin Theatre, New York

Justin Guarini was awesome! This was my fifth time seeing Wicked and he was by far my favorite Fiyero! This is a must see for anyone who grew up watching Wizard of Oz. Stephen Schwartz's clever interpretation of the story of the Wicked Witch of the West is a masterpiece.

This is how musicals should be

5 stars
nomofufou Gershwin Theatre, New York

Wicked was absolutely brilliant. I've seen a handful of musicals, and Wicked is what they should all aspire to be. The music was amazing, the set was amazing, the story was amazing. Completely blown away.

It gets better every year!

5 stars
RobinandKim Gershwin Theatre, New York

This was a wonderful Christmas experience shared with my daughter!

Very enjoyable show !

5 stars
KSinPlano Gershwin Theatre, New York

This was my family's first broadway show and we went not knowing what to expect. We were very impressed and enjoyed the entire 2.5 hours of the show. The two lead characters were simply amazing and their singing was wonderful. The story and production were excellent.

Very good play

4 stars
csach234 Gershwin Theatre, New York

Loved the play. It was very long. Lots of things happening before the intermission. This is the second time I go. It's a great play to see with a BFF. Went first with my husband and then took my 2 kids (girls) this weekend. Nice and great lessons to be learned.