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A must see event!

5 stars
nisull01 Gershwin Theatre, New York

I would recommend this show to ALL - theater fans or theater newbies. It was wonderful & will have you singing the songs for hours afterwards

Wicked was awesome!

5 stars
Gershwin Theatre, New York

The show was amazing but the male bartender upstairs was rude and made fun of my speech impairment. It was very inappropriate and it was in front of a group of customers. He is lucky the show started and it was so great that I forgot all about his stupid comments.

Wicked Awesome

5 stars
beat2beat2004 Gershwin Theatre, New York

The perfect balance of humor, music, and entertainment. My wife had wanted to see this since we met over 5 years ago. Now that we live on the east coast we got to enjoy it on Broadway. Worth every penny!


4 stars
AJT79 Gershwin Theatre, New York

Wonderful music. Lovely show. Great acting. Impressive peformance.

Wicked was amazing!!!

4 stars
Senni529 Gershwin Theatre, New York

My third time watching wicked and i still get chills!!! Amazing show!!!