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One of my favorite shows!!

5 stars
Rose1018 Gershwin Theatre, New York

I absolutely love this show! I have seen it twice and loved it even more the second time. I definitely recommend it for anyone!


5 stars
PGHinTX Gershwin Theatre, New York

Amazing acting, dancing, singing and costumes. Take the time to see this!

Fantastic experience!

5 stars
87thaps Gershwin Theatre, New York

Best show I've seen. I would recommend this experience to everyone. Not only was the musical beyond amazing but, the venue and the staff were as well.


5 stars
LeonPetricca Gershwin Theatre, New York

The show is absolutely WICKED. Is fun, hilarious, and the scene is great!

Everyone needs to see it!!

5 stars
vdays Gershwin Theatre, New York

Wicked was amazing!! One of my favorite Broadway shows, you will not be disappointed!