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Wicked was incredible!!

5 stars
AllieKat1207 Gershwin Theatre, New York

This was the most amazing show I have ever seen!! I would recommend it to anyone thinking about seeing it!

5 stars
Gershwin Theatre, New York

Awesome show! Great for all ages! Would 100% recommend to anyone visiting NYC

Wicked is amazing

5 stars
VinnyAC Gershwin Theatre, New York

Still the best show ever. Incredible feeling when you see this play. Can't help but be amazed and feel great.

Best of the best!

5 stars
Lynnebelle Gershwin Theatre, New York

The theatre, set, costumes and special effects were fabulous! The two leading ladies were the best we've ever seen! We saw several plays last weekend and this was spectacular. The orchestra was wonderful.

Wicked great!

5 stars
ChaSkipper Gershwin Theatre, New York

I have seen wicked 4 times. Twice in NYC and twice in road shows. Each time has been great!