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king of Everything

5 stars
stallionjosh Arco Arena, Sacramento

wiz's new songs have been so much better ever since he had bash. way more meaning behind his songs, every song has such a good beat and is produced so smoothly. TGOD for life. stay lit everyone.

5 stars
Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

All I gotta say is Wiz Khalifa LIVE is fire!!!!!!!

1 stars
Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

Concert started at 730 and Wiz didn't even come out until 815. Then right at 930 he took a bow and dug out. Felt like such a huge waste of money. He didn't even perform and of his major songs that had been advertised up until the concert. He couldn't hold a crowd. Sad show I must say.


5 stars
Kbebmusic Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

wiz khalifa is honestly my favorite rapper. I wish it could be September 22 everyday.

Wiz is the definition of AMAZING!

5 stars
MissNikkiBabyy Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

Wiz put on a show! I really wish he performed longer then an hour/half though. But it was still a great time. I bought 19th row tickets but was way to excited to sit in my seat. I will be honest and admit that I pushed my way all the way to the front of the stage before the Wiz came on stage and was able to stay there the entire concert and that's what truly made this experience a very memorable one! Literally a few feet away from him the whole time. I also loved the new stuff he came out with. Like the song No social media and Lit. He also performed my personal favorite Gang Bang and I really loved the way he danced and got the crowd going. He's also been singing more too and I think that's what makes him even more amazing then he already. No auto tune needed. I would definitely go again if he ever came back to Hawaii <3 like he said he's about smoking weed an poetry and he truly lived up to that this past Tuesday!