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Fall Out Boy was the redeeming band of the night

3 stars
PhoenixMarli White River Amphitheatre, Auburn

I wish it had only been the Fall Out Boys! Everything else was a waste of time and air, especially Wiz Khalifa! He has delusions of grandeur, no talent and was vile and disgusting! I was embarrassed for him and not even my 16- year old daughter and her friend liked his contribution to the evening! Of course, following his act, the Fall Out Boys were exponentially better than usual :) :)! I would only recommend this concert if one went only to the FOB portion.

What the???

2 stars
LilaLila Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, Chula Vista

I like that they had a DJ and different artists coming up at all times to fill the down time but... I lost respect for Fall Out Boy for having Wiz at concert with them. Their colab song was cool and I have no problem with Wiz making his own music for his own fans, but I would hope that a band would know their fans better. It was cringe worthy.


4 stars
oceanview6 Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara

Wiz put on an incredible show. Everyone was rocking out dancing and singing along. The venue was amazing as well. Santa Barbara is a gorgeous city and the Bowl is just perfect, it even comes with a bit of an ocean view towards top seating. Definitely worth watching another show here.

Great Show

5 stars
Liss57 Sleep Train Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, Chula Vista

Absolutely loved the show. If you are a Fall Out Boy fan you must go.

Expected a little more from Wiz

2 stars
AllGenresareawesome Santa Barbara Bowl, Santa Barbara

The performance was entertaining, but it seemed like Wiz just wasn't excited for this event. The Santa Barbara event was nearing the end of Wiz's tour and it looks like it took its toll on him. At one point, he claims "we're going to be here all night!" And the. Ended the show after two more songs. I thought to myself, "are you serious?". It's cool if you're tired and want to end on schedule, but don't tell your audience that you're going to be up all night if you're more interested in the after party. Bottom line: I don't think wiz will be on my list again for events.