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One trick pony. Nice to watch but gets boring fast

1 stars
obamasdaddy new jersey, new jersey

has to keep an array of things going to take away front he fact that she really can't sing and doesnt have a g good voice.

Outstanding performance, defiantly recommended!

5 stars
Caraaaa Manchester, phones 4u arena, Manchester

I've seen Rihanna at her loud tour and diamonds world tour and she was just amazing! Everything was perfect, she sounded fantastic, she interacted with her fan and even came down to see them in the crowd! it was just amazing! if you haven't seen her live you are missing out big time! Cant wait to see her again on her next tour!!!! #navyfamily

5 stars
esor1122 MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Amazing performance, concert so good, no one sat down. Definitely would see them again! They're were simply amazing!

5 stars
Msharma MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

It was a awesome concert, we enjoyed it. We had so much of fun.

4 stars
MarieMarz MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

I was sitting way up top ( bro got the tickets ) had lots of fun!!! Sound was a little hard to hear words but if u knew the song u knew what was being sung love Em!!!