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5 stars
MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Eminem was awesome, it was great to be able to see him perform live again!!

Had a great time !

5 stars
Diana36 MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

I got these tickets for my BF and now I'm a big Eminem Fan .. Love the show , Rihanna was fabulous !! Love her voice and her performance.

Could've done without Rihanna

3 stars
piscesgmt MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Eminem was AWESOME, as expected. I'm not a huge fan of Rihanna to begin with, but I thought it'd be cool to see her, considering what she and Eminem have done together. I have seen concerts of people whose songs I barely knew, and I have l thoroughly enjoyed them because they were great performers. I know a lot of Rihanna songs from the radio, but she barely sang anything I know. And I certainly didn't appreciate her lip-synching!!! We are paying to see you SING. If I wanted to watch you lip-synch, I'd just watch the music videos and not pay $70. I don't care to hear a recording in concert and watch the "performer" half-dance. And don't even get me started on the seats....directly on the side of the stage to the point that the screens could not even be seen. These 3 stars are for Eminem, and Eminem alone.

Shady and RiRi

5 stars
Lemon MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

I hadn't seen Eminem live in years before this show, but he's still an excellent performer. His solo set was jam-packed with hits and he was on point the entire time. I enjoyed Rihanna's solo set too, though she didn't sing as much as she danced and moved around the stage. "Stay" packed the most punch in her set - she sounded great. I enjoyed watching both artists on stage together the most. It was obvious that they were very comfortable with and respectful of one another's work, and they both allowed the other to take the spotlight at all the right times. I'd definitely see another show with these two headliners.

Eminem rocked the house!!

5 stars
mvelez MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford

Only seen Eminem twice, but both times he has been great ! He puts on an exciting show and his rapid fire lyrics are amazing!! Rap God = YES!