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It was worth the wait!

5 stars
Emiily Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena

We bought the tickets for the Where We Are Tour last November and waited almost a full year to go to the concert. 5 Seconds Of Summer was absolutely AMAZING and I have become a bigger fan than I originally was. One Direction was absolutely incredible and they make everyone feel as if they're talking one on one. I never thought I would actually get to see the stadium light up during Little Things, but I did and it's NOTHING compared to watching on YouTube. The only thing that was a little disappointing was the traffic at the end. We waited an hour just to exit the stadium. But other than that it was an unforgettable night.

5 stars
jesscaaa AT&T Stadium, Arlington

Luckily this happened to be my second One Direction concert and let me say this THEY KEEP GETTING BETTER AND BETTER! Now second time around of course it gets better. As they grow so does the music. There is always so much energy both from them and the crowd its amazing to see this in person. If you are having any doubt in seeing them I say DO IT they are great musically and as general people. If you sit close enough they can make you feel as if you're the only one there (if only, right?) Thanks One D for the amazing shows, cant wait to see them again in 2015.


5 stars
morinajm Gillette Stadium, Foxborough

One Direction, not only have amazing voices that echo through these stadiums, but the performance and show they put on is incredible. INCREDIBLE..FIREWORKS! Okay if you are thinking about getting tickets, honestly, what are you waiting for? Buy some and buckle in for a unforgettable performance by these 5 incredibly talented guys.

5 stars
gabbynv PNC Music Pavilion, Charlotte

These boys are amazing performers and they are so so so so so GREAT live! Definitely the best concert I have been to!

One Direction

5 stars
Georgia Dome, Atlanta

Great performance! When can they come to Birmingham, AL?