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4 stars
Alireza2015 Soldier Field, Chicago

It was outstanding. Sound was good and performance, as expected, was phenomenal. It lacked, however, the raising deck that caught me by surprise last year. I wanted to hear the "Rock Me" song but it was not in their list.


5 stars
itsonlyciara Rogers Centre, Toronto

I can honestly say that seeing One Direction live is one of the best experiences ever. Not only do they put on an amazing show but they know how to get the fans involved. The fans also play a big role in the aura and overall experience. Being around thousands of people who like and admire the same band as you means that you can sing, dance and scream as much as you want. Seeing One Direction is different than any other concert I've been too because there isn't all fancy and full of props and there aren't any dancers to perform during their songs. It's just a raw performance in a stadium-sized fashion. You also never know what to expect when you go to one of their shows because they all do some silly thing that makes the fans laugh and it creates a memorable event. For example, at the Toronto show specifically, Liam and Louis were throwing water at each other as well as making good use of a fire extinguisher. The boys just have loads of fun on stage, with the fans and with one another and it really makes for a memorable show. You definitely won't regret going to see them perform!!

5 stars
England, London

One Direction is good boys. I often listen their albums

Best Night Of My Life

5 stars
Zianyax Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara

It was absolutely amazing. They're incredible performers! The fireworks were sick, the music was beautiful, the people were all so friendly, and the environment was just buzzing. I loved every second of it! Can't wait to see them again at the Tripple Ho Show!!


5 stars
Jaypee145 Soldier Field, Chicago

It was an awesome experience. I really love it! Regarding buying tickets, next time better options of seat. Thanks.