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El Chicano, Tierra, Malo, still have it!!

5 stars
DJTakeItEasy Star Of The Desert Arena at Primm Valley Resorts, Primm

My wife and I had such an awesome time! We bought tickets second row from the stage and they were worth every bit what I paid for them. If you haven't experienced a show featuring any of these groups near the stage, I recommend spending a little extra just once and you'll be hooked! Willie G and Thee Midnighters, Sunny Ozuna of Sunny And The Sunliners and Rene Rene were also great! I will be attending every year for as long as they have this event!

Art Laboe's Holiday Jam was Fantastic!!

5 stars
Ruddude Star Of The Desert Arena at Primm Valley Resorts, Primm

all the artists were fabulous! they all sounded so good. the band was excellent as well, playing great to all the artists. Art Laboe was great, coming out in a different shiny suit each time.

4 stars
ChetRG Star Of The Desert Arena at Primm Valley Resorts, Primm

Joey Bataan was great. Very happy with all performers. Art Laboe is still doing a fabulous job!!

4 stars
Shaquinda Honda Center, Anaheim

We enjoyed this years concert compared to last year because most of the groups had their own band. Last year the house band had played music for most of the groups and the music didn't sound the same. I would of rated this as one of the best concerts I've been to had there been a couple of big screens to see the performers. Please take into consideration for future concerts. Thanks

Much better than last year!

5 stars
13gigi13 Honda Center, Anaheim

Event was more organized than last year. Good to see Art Labo at the show. Loved the whole show! Beginning to end