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Paul Simon and Sting in New York

5 stars
Madison Square Garden, New York

Went to the concert on March 4th in New York. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. Being a fan from Paul Simon I did not know what to expect, so the final result was a huge success for me. I was very much moved by the way these voices mingled! Hope very much that their will be a cd or dvd soon! And hope to see more of these kind of concerts!!

Wow, What a Night!

5 stars
PECurls Madison Square Garden, New York

I love the idea of 2 full bands on stage and 2 headliners sharing the bill. The hits just kept coming and coming. Paul Simon was in his element as was Sting, one a NY native and one a transplanted NYer. The harmonies were superb and the banter pretty funny. If not for the crappy, too tight seats, this would easily have been in my top 3 shows ever. If they come your way, don't miss it.

4 stars
Amway Center, Orlando

The show was nice. But the Amway Arena was perfect.

Sting & Paul Simon/Paul Simon & Sting

5 stars
WhatAFanofEJ Honda Center, Anaheim

Great concert! Sting was in fine form (in more ways than one), still sounds strong, and the songs never get old. Not sure why there are people who don't like him. The music is still good, after all this time. Dude can still rock! And looks great to boot! I'd never seen Paul Simon, and while the years have gone by, I was pleased with how he sounds. Great! Of course, he hasn't been screaming for 40 years, which helps, but he was simply in wonderful voice. The ticket prices initially put me off (I guess it is par for the course nowadays), but near-last minute I caved, and still got a good seat. And probably could have had a slightly better one, but lack of familiarity with the Honda Center prevented that. Not complaining, tho. Not in the least. I got what I paid for and came to see, and so I am one happy camper.

Paul Simon & Sting on Stage Together

5 stars
Zermatt BB&T Center, Sunrise

The concert was amazing, the music was great and they worked well together! We thoroughly enjoyed it!