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You will regret missing Paul Simon and Sting!

5 stars
Critique1221 Sportpaleis, Antwerpen

Sometimes, music goes further than sound. I felt it and so did the 20.000 others at the concert. It was the first time I ever got to go to a concert of either legend and I was anxious for disappointment. 63 year old Sting and 10 years older Paul Simon must have surely felt their respective ages hold them down, but they still give the performance of a lifetime. Their voices are still amazingly captivating, their combined ensemble among the best of the greatest. There were moments in the venue where the entire crowd held their breath and felt goosebumps form on their skin, right after which another 'The Police' song took over to create a blissful atmosphere. Their concert lasted over 2,5 hours which still left you with a feeling of emptyness because you knew they could continue on for the same time and continue filling everybody's heart with hapiness. Still not convinced? Money can't buy happiness, but this is the closest thing. The shortcomings of the artists were easily overcome by the amazing band they brought along. Promising talented people of all ages and ethnicities. The best violin solo I had ever experienced and they provided a new, interesting take on the classic songs by Sting and Simon. Familiar but new, and arguably better than the original. Regards, a 19 year old enthuosiast who is extremely picky and critical at everything.


5 stars
GoValGal Verizon Center, Washington

Two legends together, LOVE! Two amazing voices singing together on their biggest songs, LOVE! One unforgettable 3-hour performance, LOVE! I paid an incredible amount of my hard earned money for 3 hours of Sting & Simon and I can tell you without any hesitiation or doubt that I would do it again in a heartbeat! They chimed in and sang their best songs and only occasionally would one leave the stage to allow the other their own stage time. In an age when most artists give separate shows, these two went WAY against the grain and did their own thing and I and the entire arena loved every minute! Great voices that have not wavered with time and superb performances without disappointment! This was one of those rare moments and I felt so very lucky to be in their presence!

Simon and Sting Were Fabulous

5 stars
GMT7 The Forum, Inglewood

Great concert and fabulous concept with these 2 music legends sharing the stage together. The back-up band and vocals were outstanding.

Paul Simon and Sting in New York

5 stars
Madison Square Garden, New York

Went to the concert on March 4th in New York. It was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had. Being a fan from Paul Simon I did not know what to expect, so the final result was a huge success for me. I was very much moved by the way these voices mingled! Hope very much that their will be a cd or dvd soon! And hope to see more of these kind of concerts!!

Wow, What a Night!

5 stars
PECurls Madison Square Garden, New York

I love the idea of 2 full bands on stage and 2 headliners sharing the bill. The hits just kept coming and coming. Paul Simon was in his element as was Sting, one a NY native and one a transplanted NYer. The harmonies were superb and the banter pretty funny. If not for the crappy, too tight seats, this would easily have been in my top 3 shows ever. If they come your way, don't miss it.