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Dream Come True

5 stars
Olinda Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood

I've waited my whole life to see Barry Gibb perform... and he did not disappoint. Every song was perfection. His band and performers are all outstanding. Even my husband, who was mildly skeptical that my expectations were too high, said that this was one of the best concerts he's ever seen. In fact, he said that if Barry tours again, we will pay more and sit even closer... music to my ears!!! To finally get to see Barry Gibb perform these songs, ones that I've listened to almost every single day of my life, right in front of me is one of the most memorable, emotional moments of my life. I highly, highly recommend seeing this show if you get the chance... you won't regret it!

Barry was as fabulous as ever!

5 stars
April345 Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood

I was amazed at how great Barry's voice still sounds. He sounded so much better in person than on CD or you tube. He can still hit all the high notes. Barry is a natural showman and really charmed the crowd at Hollywood Bowl. He had a great show and it was well worth the price!

Barry Gibb was awesome! A night to remember!

5 stars
kfccowgirl TD Garden, Boston

This was a dream come true for me. I was never fortunate enough to see the Bee Gees perform and seeing Barry Gibb perform those same songs with tribute to his late brothers, was such an emotional rush! Can't wait for the next time he comes to Boston!

A legend

5 stars
Globalgourmet United Center, Chicago

I really enjoyed seeing Barry Gibb. He performed many of the famous tunes that he and his brothers played. He was quite personable too! The opening band, Jared and Mill was great! I felt it was truly worth every dollar I payed. I had looked forward to this for many months and was not disappointed .

Barry was GREAT!

5 stars
Nananah Hollywood Bowl, Hollywood

I loved the theme of the concert... MYTHOLOGY... it was a real nice history of the brothers three... plus little bro Andy. Barry sounded great... his voice was clear and steady and his guitar chops were pro. I liked that he had some of the family on stage with him... his Eldest son Steve... but his voice and look were a bit harsh for a Bee Gees audience... and Maurice's daughter Samantha... and though she had a great voice, she looked like a deer in the headlights... or maybe just uninterested. Aside for the amazing string of hits, including songs written for other artists... i.e. Barbara Streisand, my favorite moment was the video / live band sync of Robin's song... there were tears in my section of the audience... Barry's fan acknowledgement of the 'ladies from florida' was darling and very gracious. The Bowl was on its feet... and a fabulous time was had by all.... WHEN CAN WE DO IT AGAIN!