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5 stars
Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville

R. Kelly did it once again and I loved it!!! He sung old and new hits. Definitely will be seeing him again.

R. Kelly was TERRIBLE!!!!!

1 stars
Hulio04 Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville

This concert was a waste of my money!!! Not a single song was sang completely, there was no band and a tremendous amount of time spent clowning around. Never again!!!!

Awesome concert!

5 stars
D0minique Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville

Great concert! I would definitely see Mr. Kelly again. He's very interactive with his fans. The only negative thing was that his opening act was Marlon Williams and he only did about a 25 minute set and then we were left sitting for about 20 to 25 minutes waiting for R. Kelly to come out. This however was a very small price to pay for the concert he gave. I definitely got my money's worth.

The KING of R&B did it AGAIN......

5 stars
Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville

R. Kelly AKA THE KING of R&B was great. He put on a great show and made the event unforgetable for the crowd. I've been to a few of his shows and he never disappoints. My 60 year old mother is a die hard Kells fan but had never been to a show. I took her and she hasnt stoppped talking about it. It was a great show and I have no complaints.

Great Show

5 stars
mrscharris Nashville Municipal Auditorium, Nashville

The show was amazing and I'm glad he stayed old school. He has so many hits that he could have kept going and going. Thanks for a great show!!!