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Great show!

5 stars
rickysgirl Packard Music Hall, Warren

Have loved Huey Lewis and the News for 30 years. It is always great to see them. It was great hearing all the old songs. For being 65, Huey is still great!

Excellent show!

5 stars
1989Fan Packard Music Hall, Warren

Great, great, great concert by Huey Lewis and the News! Outside of two new songs in the show, it was hit after hit after hit. The band's energy was phenomenal. It was like they had just made it big. The crowd loved it too. I definitely would see them again!

Excellent Performance

5 stars
Alexinytown Packard Music Hall, Warren

Huey Lewis and the News was excellent. The group played all of the major hits and some new material and they had a lot of fun with the audience. Sound system was at the right level and you could hear perfectly without distortion. The audience was really into the show and it was a fun and energetic atmosphere. Would recommend this show to anyone.

Huey still has it!

4 stars
davegfan Packard Music Hall, Warren

Great show. The remaining members still lookin and sounding great Wish they would have played longer... The venue was extremely hot and the seats are very close together.

These guys still rock!

5 stars
Evenbivins2001 Packard Music Hall, Warren

37 years these guys have been making music, and they still put on a hell of a show!