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Huey's still got it!!

5 stars
Twin River Event Center, Lincoln

Huey Lewis is not just a musical artist, he's a performer, from joking with the viewers to audience participation he's the whole package and has been for 38 years!!! We've been to eight concerts over the years and he's still as good as he was back in the day.

Huey still got it

4 stars
Caroloh Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Never disappointing, Huey brings it every time it have seen him and this show was me different. Everyone was singing and dancing and having a great time

Huey Lewis was great!

5 stars
Samoka Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

It was a great show with lots of hits. It got a bit hot but we found a fan to stand in front of. Can't wait for his next show there. Let's get a banner up for them.

Awesome as usual

4 stars
scooter321 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Huey was his usual self, awesome...him and the news never disappoint they still sound like they did back in the 80's. I hope they come around every year. Only thing I didn't like was that I felt like they didn't play as long as some other shows I've been to of his. Other than that, he played all his hits and had everyone signing along with him. Music when it was music, not like today...keep up the good work Huey. :-)

Good Show

4 stars
yah56548 Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Hampton Beach

Show was a great show. First time I have every been to a Huey Lewis concert. Seeing his performance in person. I love many of his songs. I found his voice and the support bands rendition of some of his hits, Like, " I want a new Drug" slightly off from the original. The venue of Casino Ballroom in Hampton Beach was the typical excellent. Been there several times, and find it to be an excellent venue. Opening act was not that good. Acceptable, but just not what I expected. Inclusion of Mel Gibson's daughter in the show was great, and it might be a good idea to include her More!! as she sang excellent and would make a great addition.