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Huey Lewis Like Fine Wine never gets Old

5 stars
BORIBABY Warner Theatre, Washington

I Love going to a Huey Lewis show because he always leaves us the audience wanting more!! Never a dull moment !! When you go to a Huey Lewis get ready to have some infectious>>>> F-U-N-!! HE ALWAYS PUTS ON A GREAT SHOW. I have yet to be disappointed. I highly recommend it. He is the Heart of Rock & Roll & Thank God he keeps it beating!! This show is WORTH EVERY PENNY!! A HUEY LEWIS & THE NEWS SHOW IS ALWAYS A WINNING SHOW!! NOT TO BE PASSED UP!!

4 stars
The Meadows Casino, Washington

Amazing show, Huey was great sounds great and performed well. The only complaint was that I bought 4 tickets for seats that did not exist! The usher kept moving me from seat tot seat, as people would show up.

Huey Rocks!

4 stars
Dandrumz Warner Theatre, Washington

Non-stop Rock and Roll! They definitely got it done.........Rocked like they were in their 30's!!!

Huey Lewis and the News still got it!

5 stars
Galactic1 The Meadows Casino, Washington

This was the 1st time seeing Huey Lewis and the News, and I was pleased with their performance. The band is very connected, sound awesome and make great music together. I would go see them again!


2 stars
NEGE Warner Theatre, Washington

Short/And over hyped. Huey's voice is going too. Way too many devoted (mostly female) fawning over this fading musical "icon".