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It's Our Turn for the CUP!

5 stars
onthedock2 Scottrade Center, St Louis

Blues Hockey Rocks! The quality of players and the depth of the team is amazing|! We have all we need to take it to the cup! It's Our Turn! I bleed blue and I can't wait to watch these great guys take it to the end and WIN! They deserve it! LGB We love our Blues!!!!

3 stars
Protractor Scottrade Center, St Louis

Game was great but was upset that I didn't get the shirts that came with the ticket promo "JEDI".

5 stars
Scottrade Center, St Louis

This was an awesome event. However would have been nice to know that we qualified for free food and drinks because of where we sat all night long.

Blues played great, I'd recommend better seats.

4 stars
BluesFanSGF Scottrade Center, St Louis

Sat in 325 row Q. Turned out to be one row from the very top. Purchased 1 more ticket on game day in section 325 row A. Highly recommend buying row A, B, or C if purchasing in the 300 level. The lower seats are much better!

5 stars
Scottrade Center, St Louis

It was a great game. First time at an NHL game. would go again.