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Incredible Atmosphere. Great Game

5 stars
JoeG5 Scottrade Center, St Louis

I would recommend attending a hockey game to anyone who enjoys sports and excitement.


2 stars
asfvdewrs Scottrade Center, St Louis

Much too late. If I'm going to be negative 4 hours of sleep, at least a victory would somewhat validate staying up that late. Starbucks must be getting a kickback from the NHL.

Blues game was amazing, but...

1 stars
AngryBluesFan Scottrade Center, St Louis

As always, I was excited to see the Blues in another postseason game against the Blackhawks. However, my excitement turned to anger when I found my seat and realized that the best view of the game would be on one of the the 6" screens affixed to the back of two enormous TV cameras. I compared the seat views of several locations before deciding on these tickets and two giant cameras and their operators never appeared. Thanks for letting me pay premium prices for the same view I would have seen if I stayed home and watched the game on my phone.

Hockey Playoffs!

5 stars
ChicagoSportsGal Scottrade Center, St Louis

The game was a lot of fun, even though my team lost. The opposing fans (at their home) were less than friendly and whined about every call and most plays. You would have thought it was their own kids on the ice! I am a VERY passionate hockey fan, so I understand that. But the Blues fans were so lost in the past they could not seem to enjoy the game (and wanted to tell me everything every Blackhawk player has ever done).

Witness to a robbery...lol

5 stars
FoolishOwl Scottrade Center, St Louis

Game was terrific, questionable officiating was only real downside.