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Hockey in St. louis wow!

5 stars
predsforlife Scottrade Center, St Louis

Went to watch our rival team in St. Louis Nashville Predators vs. St. Louis Blues what a great game. Will definitely go again.

Fun Experience, Big Mac Coupons difficult

4 stars
DKB1234567 Scottrade Center, St Louis

I'll start with the bad news and get it out of the way. The ticket package includes 4 tickets, 4 hot dogs, 4 sodas, 2 pop corns and 4 big mac coupons. They give you all of the tickets and vouchers together at the same time. What I did not realize is that after you pick up your big mac vouchers, you then have to go to guest services and turn them in for coupons. Why can't they give you the coupons right there? Of course the voucher, which you can then exchange for the coupon, must be exchanged that day. They need to make that easier. It would have been a five star rating if the Big Mac situation were easier. Enough about the big macs. The food was enough to feed us all. The seats were about 7 rows from the top, but it was the end that the Blues shoot twice and the view is GREAT. Hockey is a sport that is 10 times easier to watch live. It is so easy to follow the puck. You can hear all of the sounds in the game throughout the arena. The puck hitting the stick and the checks along the boards resound throughout the arena. I brought 3 boys ages 10-11-12 and they were all entertained the entire game. The Blues lost 2-1 which was a bummer, but we still had a great time.

The Blues were Great!!!

4 stars
BAD1970 Scottrade Center, St Louis

This was my wife's first hockey game. She loved it! The shootout was great. The Blues did Great!!!

5 stars
Scottrade Center, St Louis

You're allergic to fun if you don't like visiting downtown St. Louis on game night during the Blues hockey season.

Blues vs. Colorado Amazing

5 stars
LarsWin Scottrade Center, St Louis

Seats were perfect. No complaints and would buy these same seats again.