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Good game

4 stars
CaldwellOne Scope, Norfolk

Even know they lost it was a good game. a lot of fights even though I'm not into that too much.

Best Family event in Norfolk

5 stars
CWill69 Scope, Norfolk

First off there is literally not a bad seat in the scope. It is a fun family event with tons of competitive spirit. Unlike most sporting events the two Admirals mascots are in the stands through out and more than happy to say hi and take photos or hugs with any children. There is also clowns for face painting and balloon animals. I take my 3 year old to the games all the time and she has a blast while dad watches hockey.

One of the last.

4 stars
KeithKaos Scope, Norfolk

First off I was amazed with the price for the tickets, my friend who had accompanied me to the game had never been to a hockey game, we had amazing seats for a first time experience, pinned between the rival team's stand and adamant admirals fans in the row directly behind us. Great overall experience, however, the price of an angry orchard and a bud light, was terrifying. However that was to be expected at a sports venue I am sure. We had a good time, talked a fair amount of trash with the other fans, and realistically enjoyed the whole game. Overall, I wish the admirals would be staying so that I could enjoy this adventure again, but alas all good things come to an end. I would recommend this to any admiring hockey fans, especially if its truly their last season here.

Admirals run out of gas

4 stars
kingsizebed Scope, Norfolk

For a last place te relocating to the west coast they played really well in regulation.51 shots is nothing to laugh at. Gagne kept them in the mix and only a lucky shot put them into overtime and the evential loss.

Fun Experience

4 stars
MittensP Scope, Norfolk

We were able to get upfront seats, next to the penalty box, for the game, but being a little father back may have even been better. It was a fun experience with a great atmosphere. We will definitely look into going again in the future.