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Another Win!!!

5 stars
CPope Scope, Norfolk

Great game as always! Little slow at first. Low energy, too many empty sits! But we won and always have fun!

They're not very good.

1 stars
SjamesB Scope, Norfolk

1st time at the Scope this season and was not impressed - ticket prices are now too high for the product on the ice - sad to say.

Excellent guys!!!!

5 stars
mkgirl1805 Scope, Norfolk

I,m so proud of our home team!! They played nicely like always. Just glad they won!!!

5 stars
SuperFreakified Scope, Norfolk

Great game! It was all tied up and they went all the way to shoot out where the admirals won!

Admirals took care of business!

5 stars
Reba62 Scope, Norfolk

This was my first live hockey game and I am happy to say that I am a fan for life! There is nothing in the world as beautiful as sitting behind the goal area and getting the full experience of each play at the net! Thank you Admirals for making my first live hockey experience the first of many!!!!