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First Experience Watching Ice Hockey!!!

5 stars
Gracy1981 Scope, Norfolk

It was our first time watching a ice hockey game at Norfolk Scope between Norfolk Admirals v Herschey's Bears. It was so exciting and we are so thrilled to sit so close to the players. We were seated close to the Norfolk Admirals supporters side, it was so fun!!! The only thing i was shocked when i saw the players fight which i don't think it is good for the children to see it.


5 stars
aceofspades543 Scope, Norfolk

Hockey is an awesome sport!!!!! The energy is awesome and the players are nice.

Admirals vs Hershey Hockey Game

5 stars
NicknICKO Scope, Norfolk

First game of the season. IT WAS OUTSTANDING. You can't beat the action, you can't beat the price, and you can't beat the FANS!!!!! Go Admirals!!!!

4 stars
Scope, Norfolk

Hockey game was cool, but the food was overpriced and not good. If it had been good food I would expect to pay the high prices for it.

Admirals rock in first home game!

5 stars
757Viking Scope, Norfolk

Great action, very fast paced and a good clean physical game