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Great Hockey

5 stars
76Ford Scope, Norfolk

The Admirals won plus a lot of exciting action. Our seats were just where we wanted to be. Couldn't ask for better entertainment.

Norfolk Admirals

5 stars
Admiralsfan14 Scope, Norfolk

The Admirals Rock! Awesome game and experience!! These guys play hard and never disappoint me. Can't wait to go to another game.

Could Have Been Better

3 stars
HockeyFan1281 Scope, Norfolk

The Norfolk Scope is a fairly nice arena for holding a hockey game. Unfortunately there was a really old drunk guy that kept yelling throughout the entire game and no one from the arena told him to stop except when he yelled a curse word. Also if you're getting tickets to a game do not get the first row of any of the 100s section as the row in front of you is basically on the same eye level so if you have anyone sitting in front of you you're missing the game and there's no way to know that when you purchase. Other than that, good experience.

3 stars
Scope, Norfolk

good game, seats hurt my sides, sad that they make you write a longer comment than their example

Amazing game!

5 stars
Dugano Scope, Norfolk

This was a birthday present for two of my friends whom had never been to an Admirals Hockey Game. The Admirals played a great game. There were many tense moments and lots of good hits. The icing on the cake was that the Admirals won 2-1 so we were left sitting on the edges of our seats until the very end.