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3 stars
Scope, Norfolk

good game, seats hurt my sides, sad that they make you write a longer comment than their example

Amazing game!

5 stars
Dugano Scope, Norfolk

This was a birthday present for two of my friends whom had never been to an Admirals Hockey Game. The Admirals played a great game. There were many tense moments and lots of good hits. The icing on the cake was that the Admirals won 2-1 so we were left sitting on the edges of our seats until the very end.

Admirals Hockey is the best event in Norfolk

5 stars
CWill69 Scope, Norfolk

Action Packed non stop excitement best thing to do in Norfolk and at a great value love it!

great night out in Norfolk!

4 stars
bklaing Scope, Norfolk

Great event and well staffed. made a great night date for me and my girlfriend. Spent around 100 dollars for two with parking, seats, and 2 beers. So not bad if you got it to spend.

First Experience Watching Ice Hockey!!!

5 stars
Gracy1981 Scope, Norfolk

It was our first time watching a ice hockey game at Norfolk Scope between Norfolk Admirals v Herschey's Bears. It was so exciting and we are so thrilled to sit so close to the players. We were seated close to the Norfolk Admirals supporters side, it was so fun!!! The only thing i was shocked when i saw the players fight which i don't think it is good for the children to see it.