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Awesome Game. Sorry they lost.

4 stars
MrsSK Scope, Norfolk

Great game lots of action. Will keep going. Love the admirals. The view /sound was great but no I wouldn't get those seats again. The seats were against the gate and the size of the seats are made for a child or adult petite size model.


5 stars
KennyG365 Scope, Norfolk

Awesome seats, fantastic game, crowd was great, parking was great

The Admirals were amazing!

5 stars
757Fan Scope, Norfolk

Great game and great seats, close to the ice. One of the best games we've ever been to. The whole family loved it.

5 stars
Scope, Norfolk

Great time for the whole family! Can't wait to go back!

Great Anniversary Date

5 stars
MrsSK Scope, Norfolk

Loved the game. It was Stars Wars night with all the Star Wars people walking around. First game since the league change and the game was great. Great action and exciting. Will be going to more games. GOOD LUCK ADMIRALS. Have a great season.