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BLONDIE at 40 still has it!

5 stars
MusicMax Tropicana Showroom, Atlantic City

This was by far the best BLONDIE concert at a casino property in the past 5 years. Not only were the transitions between songs seamless and the singing / music flawless, the staging and house were an excellent compliment to the band. Well Done!

Close Encounter of The Cool Kind: Blondie

5 stars
LC2LC Tropicana Showroom, Atlantic City

After nearly 40 years of being an avid fan of Blondie's music, it's hard for me to believe that they are still going strong as ever on stage AND that I have the chance to witness up close Debbie Harry's indomitable independent spirit and her distinctly ageless allure. I was a mere three rows away from center stage at the Tropicana (Atlantic City, NJ) and soaked up the band's spectral and ethereal sounds of New Wave, punk, indie rock, reggae, French harmonic pop, Beatles, electronica . . . it's amazing to realize how much experimentation the band was always doing and how much they were WAY ahead of the game. I've seen Blondie perform live only once before (in 2013 in DC) but I am going to make it a point to catch as many of their shows as possible once they return from Europe and rev up their 40th Anniversary Tour in North America! And keep your eyes on Clem Burke ---- he is an absolute relentless dynamite on the drums! More about my seat: I was 3 rows away from the stage (could practically touch Debbie Harry when she leaned over and extended her arm to fans) and slightly to the left of her mike. I could see everything and everyone --- from Clem Burke on the drums at one end of the stage to Chris Stein with his guitar at the opposite end. A fantastic view.

Blondie in AC

4 stars
Greeneyes6 Tropicana Showroom, Atlantic City

I had a BLAST!!! Wow it's been years ( not saying how many) since I've seen the band and was very pleased. Harry performed some classics and a few new songs from upcoming release. Show started on time which I was surprised at, and lasted about 2 hours. Love it. Really made me feel great!

Debbie Harry still sounds great.

3 stars
bear598 Sands Bethlehem Event Center , Bethlehem

Music was great. Would have been nice to hear all there older hits, did not do The Tide Is High. Also, the parking at the venue SUCKED! Knowing that a concert was booked that night, why would you have a contest giveaway on the same night? Worst directions for parking, Oh Wait, there were no directions it was figure it out yourself, Had to park back by the roadie buses. Also, they only played for a hour and 15 minutes, and for the price of the tickets, I did not get my money's worth.

4(0) EVER!

5 stars
JJMII Sands Bethlehem Event Center , Bethlehem

Debbie Harry's voice is still intact..the band played fantastic...the new album is great. Hopefully they'll stick around for a long time to come!