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Miranda Lambert

5 stars
mirandaformygirls C Spire Green Space at Renaissance, Ridgeland

Great concert! Good layout of events. The time of the event was perfect.


3 stars
mommysprotege Madison Square Garden, New York

event was ok. Sound and giant screens were off....the images showing on the screen were off with the performer...especially Miranda. Plus it looked like Miranda was feeling no pain...had a few too many drinks...her performance was weak. This is the third time I have seen her and I was disappointed!

Miranda was Awesome!!

4 stars
BEY12 C Spire Green Space at Renaissance, Ridgeland

Miranda was awesome, and what a genuine performance! The pre-concert performers had great voices, but Raye Lynne's was drowned out by her equipment and sound, so it was difficult to understand the words. Everyone stood up for Miranda, but the majority were sitting for the pre-concert performers, so it would have been MUCH better if the two side screen were higher (level with the stage frame), so those sitting could see (due to the onesies and twosies who would stand in front of those sitting) and small children. Overall, super concert!


5 stars
Catahoulaville C Spire Green Space at Renaissance, Ridgeland

The openers were good, and lots of fun to listen to, but Miranda was absolutely exceptional. Having been a fan of hers from the early days, and having listened to nearly all of her music, I was blown away that she sounds way better in person. Without all the drama and theatrics, she puts on a heck of a show.

Fantastic Concert!!!

4 stars
HuntiinGsl C Spire Green Space at Renaissance, Ridgeland

Miranda put on a GREAT show!!! Venue is the BEST outdoor venue I've ever experienced ! CSpire did it again ! I can't wait until next summer to see what talent CSpire will bring. It will be hard to to beat Miranda Lambert! I suggest her hubbie, Blake Shelton!