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We currently do not have any tickets on-sale for Davis Cup Tennis.


Nice to have tennis in Portland!

4 stars
Atlantafun30080 Tualatin Hills Tennis Center, Beaverton

The Pacific Northwest has a dearth of regular big-time tournaments in sports like tennis and golf. So getting a taste of that is always fun. It was a great atmosphere to watch fun tennis. It was nice that they had food trucks available for people, since the matches went quite long. It was kind of a pain having to have my tickets rescanned every time I left the seating area. I avoided the restrooms because there always seemed to be a line. They could have also had better signage directing people to parking. They could have made it more clear that parking is $20 per day if you didn't order ahead. That said, I'll deal with the drawbacks to get a regular tennis tournament in the area!

5 stars
Tualatin Hills Tennis Center, Beaverton

Great event! Amazing Tennis Center and nice people around.

2 stars
Tualatin Hills Tennis Center, Beaverton

The seats were not good. For over $100/ticket you could only see part of the court, the whole alley was blocked from view. The doubles should haver been discounted as it was a shorter match than the first and third days.

Tennis Live is Fanastic

5 stars
ShyAnne3 Tualatin Hills Tennis Center, Beaverton

If you watch tennis on TV all the time like I do, you will never realize how fantastic it is live. The pros are so real. The play is so fast and loud.

Maybe, Maybe Not

2 stars
Markholt Tualatin Hills Tennis Center, Beaverton

The tennis match, or what we could see of it, was top quality. However, even though we paid big money to sit in the eighth row, we could not see the near doubles alley nor part of the far court. I estimate we were unable to see how 1/3 of the points ended. I believe this had something to do with how the court was configured for Davis Cup play.

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