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The Jackets played their hearts out!

5 stars
MAMBR Nationwide Arena, Columbus

Great season, great team, and great fans. It was hard to see the season come to an end. But we love our Jackets even more. Looking forward to the fall to start it all over again!

5 stars
trevelyan142 Nationwide Arena, Columbus

The event was awesome. First Jackets home playoff win in team history. The building was so loud I thought it was going to explode. C-B-J!!

CBJ playoff games were awesome!!

5 stars
SophieCat Nationwide Arena, Columbus

It was wonderful to see the Blue Jackets in the playoffs. I can't wait for the next season to start. The 5th Line was amazing. The fans were really into the game. It was loud and fun.

Go Jackets!

5 stars
Codyc99 Nationwide Arena, Columbus

The game was fun even though te Jackets lost. Awesome arena and its in a great location. Can't wait to go to many more Blue Jackets games in the future.

I love the Jackets!!!

5 stars
LH4CBJ Nationwide Arena, Columbus

The Jackets games are always a good time...it's exciting to be a part of a growing team. Looking forward to seeing a lot more wins next season!!