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Pirate and Princess

5 stars
dej3911 Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta

We took my son for his 2nd birthday and he was mesmerized!!! He never moved. Never wanted down. Never said a word. It was fantastic. All seats had a good view and the length of the show was perfect

Great fun!

4 stars
SmcFsu Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta

Pirate & Princess Adventure was a lot of fun, great production, costumes, and performances. I think this show is best for kids 6 years and younger. I did think the Princess portion was better, but the Pirate characters looked great and performed well.

Disney Jr Live!

5 stars
MBSHR Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta

Fun date afternoon with my 5yr old! Love going to shows at the Cobb Energy Cntr.

Fun event for my granddaughters

4 stars
Favmimi Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta

I really enjoyed the venue first of all as it was easy to get from parking to the front door. However, they served food but when we went to walk in with our chicken fingers they were most offended and said that food couldn't be taken in but there was nowhere except the floor to sit and eat. The action on stage was enjoyed by my granddaughters who said that they had a great time. We were close enough to get showered by ribbon and coins so they loved that. I don't know whether or not the woman that played Sophia was lip synching to the person doing her voice on the TV program or she was able to sound just like her but it helped to make the fact that she was an adult playing a child a little less obvious. The brother and Jake the pirate looked the part as best they could being grown men. It was not boring and moved at a good pace. All in all a very good time.

4 stars
Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta

Awesome show! My kids enjoyed it.. They sang and danced and recognized all the songs! I enjoyed it as well it kept my whole family entertained. The trinkets and food you buy in the lobby were VERY pricey, other than that everything was enjoyable.