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Surprised my daughter

4 stars
Lovepink23 Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln

Exciting show. Just wished there had been more Princesses and not just Sofia. Maybe a little longer too. Other than that my daughter enjoyed very much. She was super happy and surprised since I didn't tell her where we were going, found out when we got there.

Disney Live Pirates and Princesses

4 stars
StaceyLT UW–Milwaukee Panther Arena (formerly US Cellular Arena) , Milwaukee

Disney always does well with children's shows. This was no different. My daughter lit up when the show started and cried when we had to go home. She loved it! I just wish the souvenirs weren't so expensive.

5 stars
Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield

The show was magnificent and was geared to children of all ages. We took our granddaughter for her 4th birthday. As to our seating, our view was obstructed by a large concrete wall which our granddaughter could not see over. We paid for 3 seats, but our granddaughter had to sit on our laps the entire show in order to be able to see. This did not show in the seating chart which it should have since there were young children attending this event. In addition, we were unable to take pictures to remember the birthday present due to the concrete wall obstruction.

Great show!

4 stars
Momof3youngones Prairie Capital Convention Center, Springfield

My 4 and 5 year old loved this show! Honestly it was awesome the only thing that was not awesome of the price of the extra stuff. We bought each kid a cup of snow ice and one bag of popcorn to share and that was $42---that is completely ridiculous. We brought $50 to spend on souvenir and snack and all they were able to bring away from it was a cup (that isn't even well made). I don't think there is any reason to charge that much for the trinkets after spending over $20 for each ticket to get in there.

Disney Junior was fantastic!!!

5 stars
Lou55 UW–Milwaukee Panther Arena (formerly US Cellular Arena) , Milwaukee

My 3-1/2 year old grand daughter never took her eyes off the stage! She loved the show from the beginning to the end.