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Disney Junior LIve was amazing!!!

5 stars
VCollinsKY CFSB Center, Murray

I took my granddaughter and she was memorized. The singing and dancing was lots of fun. Of course, anything related to Disney is usually fantastic.

Disney Junior Live on Tour

5 stars
MrsCAH CFSB Center, Murray

Had an amazing time. My granddaughter was dancing and singing the entire time. It is fun to watch little ones just light up when they see their favorite characters.

Disney Junior Great Show!!

4 stars
grammytam CFSB Center, Murray

Took My Twin Grandaughters 3 to see and they both loved it! Worried about 3yr olds sitting with attention span but was no problem with all parts of show. It was great and beautiful stage presentation. It made a special day.

Disney Junior Live On Tour was great

5 stars
Grandmomof6 CFSB Center, Murray

My four grandchildren--three boys aged 2 yrs., 3 1/2 yrs., and 6 yrs. and an 11 yr. old girl--all thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was the first time the 2 yr. old had attended something like this and he stayed interested an involved throughout the whole show. Having his favorite Mickey Mouse as "host' was an unexpected plus. I definitely recommend the show and hope to see many more of its kind at CFSB Center.

Disney Junior Live was AMAZING

5 stars
Nana2667 CFSB Center, Murray

Absolutely a wonderful show. I took my 2 year old granddaughter and she was excited and jumping in her seat through the entire event. Her reactions made this show priceless :)