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Opening night at the Jackets game

5 stars
cooloo Nationwide Arena, Columbus

Opening night was fantastic. We won. That's always good. The arena was SRO. The place was rocking. The team is committed to winning and it shows in their play.

great seats for a great game

5 stars
Morrm0 Nationwide Arena, Columbus

Opening night with the Jackets against the Rangers was worth the drive from Cincinnati. Incredible crowd energy, exciting play and a geat game!

absolutely assume

5 stars
sssoso Nationwide Arena, Columbus

All I can say is it was fun and enjoyed the game. Helped that we won.

great game

5 stars
neptune102 Nationwide Arena, Columbus

This was an excellent game! I will be attending more games this year. I think its gonna be a real good year for the Jackets.

5 stars
RicketyOldNash Nationwide Arena, Columbus

Great seats, Jackets played awesome... No place in the NHL like when Nationwide gets to rockin'!