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Love our Boys!!

5 stars
Pagegirl1582 Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

I loved the convention!!! It was great to see that everyone in the organization really does care about not only their employees but they really do care about the fans. I loved everything about this weekend but was a little sad that Andrew Shaw wasn't available for pictures or autographs.

As good as it gets...

4 stars
angelrose971 Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

The Blackhawks have been putting on this event for several years now so they seem to have it as organized as it can be. The event itself is a lot of hurry up and wait and wait some more and wait even more. There are many activities going on at the same time so you really have to prioritize what you want to do. It would be extremely helpful if the full convention schedule came with the attendee passes. All in all, my daughter and I enjoyed meeting players, past & present, and making some really cool new friends (since you're stuck in line with them for hours sometimes). We also enjoyed the vendor show and found the prices to be reasonable for most everything available.

5 stars
Sixjohnsons Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

Lots of lines, but well organized. The panels were great! These athletes seem to be stand up characters, with good heads on their shoulders. And comical too! We commuted 2 days, would consider a hotel room in the future. Loved the clearance items from the Blackhawks store and the unique vendor items.

4 stars
Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

Was difficult to meet some players but when u did they were a class act and put the happiness of their fans first

4 stars
Wolfend31 Chicago Hilton and Towers, Chicago

It was a great time and there was plenty to do there and keep you occupied while the convention was open. I wish a few of the more popular players were more accessible. Around half of the autograph sessions are scratch and win only, which means you could only meet 1 regular player at most during the entire weekend. Some people aren't even lucky enough to win 1 scratch off and have to pay the same value to meet the less popular players. Overall, i do think the line control is very efficient, although, I think the number of wristbands for each session could be increased because they seem to get through them pretty quickly.

United Center
United Center
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Monday-Friday, 11:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Saturday, 11:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Sunday, closed if no performance *Hours subject to change depending on event schedules.


The United Center has 6,000 spaces in 11 parking lots surrounding the arena. Parking costs are as follows: Cars $25, $27 (Lots C &K) and $35, $37 (Lot H); Buses and Limousines $32 durning the week, $30 on week ends. All prices subject to change.

Will Call

Tickets held at Will Call can be picked up beginning 90 minutes prior to the start of the actual event.
Doors: Doors to the United Center generally open 1 1/2 hours prior for all sporting events and concerts, and 1 hour prior for family shows such as the circus and ice shows. Luxury Rental Suites: For information on renting one of our 20, 40 or 80 person Luxury Rental Suites or super Suites, please call 312-455-4000. Scoreboard Messages: For information on a scoreboard message during a Chicago Blackhawks game, please call 312-455-7000. For information on a Chicago Bulls game, please call 312-455-4000. Cash Stations: Three Cash Stations are located in the Box Office lobby at section 106, next to Fandemonium at section 116 , and on the 300 Level at section 309. First Aid Stations: First Aid Stations are located at sections 115 and 327. Translators: Translators for a variety of languages are provided through Guest Relations.