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  • Chicago Blackhawks Tickets

    at United Center
    1901 W Madison
    Chicago 60612


Loved it!

5 stars
niebieski United Center, Chicago

Huge BlackHawks fan. Great experience, a lot of fun. We will very much go again next year.

Blackhawk Training Camp Festival 2016

2 stars
cork920 United Center, Chicago

Third year going and maybe my last, people getting in line for a bobble head five hours before the scrimmage. I don't think they passed out the amount they said they would as they ran out little after I passed through and I was maybe four to five thousand people in line. Big problem is you get in and start to look for seats and everyone is saving seats and putting at least one seat in between them and the people next to them. So their should be seats available but you cant tell. I think they should assign seats and charge more so everyone gets a bobble head so you don't have to be their four hours before the scrimmage starts.

2016 Chicago Blackhawks Festival

5 stars
CindyEGV United Center, Chicago

So much fun and well organized. This is a great event for families that wouldn't be able to see a game otherwise.

Love the team but bad third period

4 stars
LGHAWKS United Center, Chicago

We love our guys but seemed to run out of steam in the third period. Still would go and support them anytime.

Nothing like playoff hockey

5 stars
Whatasave United Center, Chicago

Playoff hockey is the best! If your debating about it...just do it. Life is short! Go blackhawks!

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