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Very juvenile show in a badly utilized venue

2 stars
GJWilly City National Civic, San Jose

Show was much more juvenile than Dan's typical audience. My 12-year old was bored and the slightly older teen next to me spent the whole show on his phone. My son thought he was going to get to "see" Dan and instead got a 100% scripted live-action imitation of Blue's Clues. 80% of the show was interacting with a large video screen and though the venue had three screens Dan only used the large middle screen so about 20% of the audience had an obstructed view. And of course the seats weren't listed as being obstructed view. Very disappointing.

DanTDM Live - Fun for kids...and adults

5 stars
SiriuslySirius Music Hall At Fair Park, Dallas

DISCLAIMER: My youngest daughter and I are avid DanTDM fans. So, when I saw that he will be in Dallas, tickets were purchased as soon as they were available. Truly, a difficult secret to keep. That being said, this review is probably biased. Being sworn to secrecy about the goings on of the show, it's difficult to leave a useful review. I will say this: DanTDM live is a fantastic production of mixed media. If you have kids that enjoy Dan's videos, he/she will not be disappointed. Come to think of it, most kids would probably find this enjoyable. More so if he/she likes video games. I mean, that's the theme of Dan's YouTube channel. :-) The meet and greet went smoothly and we didn't wait in line too horribly long. That also means that your meet and greet is over in an instant. You greet Dan, maybe say a word or two, get his autograph, get your picture taken, and give a high five. My daughter has Dan's book. Tip: Bring something to get signed if you do the meet and greet!

Very interactive show! Great for kids!

5 stars
Duckie702 City National Civic, San Jose

He asked us not to say what the show was about. But we loved it! Will go again if he comes to town. We flew out of state to see him.

Dan TDM on Tour - WOW!!

5 stars
Griefer6002 City National Civic, San Jose

I had no clue what to expect when we attended this event. I purchased tickets because my 10-year-old is a HUGE Dan TDM fan and avid watcher (subscribed to YouTube). Our seats were the best available (dress circle), which was limited by the time I caught wind of the event. Luckily we were still pretty close; although at the time I bought tickets, I wanted to sit in Orchestra. My son was so excited to be able to see one of his favorite gamers live in action. I have watched many of Dan's videos (parental due diligence) and was expecting the show to be exactly like what we see on YouTube - WRONG! It was WAY better than that. It was fun, entertaining, interactive, very kid-friendly, and timed very well. The first session was just under an hour with a 20 minute intermission; followed by another hour or so of showtime. There were many opportunities for kids in the audience to join Dan and Eve on stage to play a short game, which lended to the overall story line of the show. The venue was perfect - not too big. During the 20-minute intermission we managed to get in the merchandise line before it got too long and were able to get exactly what we wanted. We couldn't have been happier - from beginning to end.

Dan TDM was GREAT!

5 stars
Cats2015 DAR Constitution Hall, Washington

The show was very kid friendly, fun and entertaining. It was so nice to see some of the personal aspects of Dan TDM as well as enjoy a creatively produced show!

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