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Dan TDM was amazing!

5 stars
CGreenwood Terrace Theater - Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center, Long Beach

We had a really great time at the Dan TDM show. It was so lively in the theatre. The excitement that the show possesses is second to none. I'm really glad that we took the family to the show!

TDM on Tour show was awesome!

5 stars
Jamicorn PNC PAVILION, Cincinnati

I loved the show. I loved the song at the end and all of the merchandise. I also loved meeting Dan backstage.

Dan was great!!

5 stars
ConcernedMom101 Dolby Theatre, Hollywood

I have never seen my 9 year old have SO MUCH FUN. Great interaction with the kids. Would go again and again!

What a waste

2 stars
ChelleMT Kingsbury Hall, Salt Lake City

Dan is tired. Very low energy. He needs to go home and rest up. If your child is between 6-8, they will most likely enjoy it, but my son just turned 10, is a HUGE fan and was bored stiff. We had excellent seats and did the Meet and Greet thing, which was lame as well. THINK waiting in line at the mall during Xmas to see Santa: Be prepared to wait in a long line for your kid to spend a few short seconds with Dan for a photo op, which you guessed it, will be available on-line.... for a FEE. Although, parents are permitted to take pictures from the side. I feel like this entire tour is sort of a shameful way for him to make even more money. I didn't think there was any real talent there that was worthy of taking on a worldwide tour. I'm surprised I'm one of the few to post a negative review. It REALLY was that bad. Also worth noting, if you received your VIP meet and greet ticket through a friend, relative or 3rd party, I'm not sure how you'll get in. They DID NOT even look at our actual VIP tickets, they simply asked my name and just looked it up on their list of purchasers. I didn't even have to show my ID, my show tickets, receipts, nothing. I only verbally gave them my name. It was convenient (for me), but could be problematic for ticket holders who received these tix as a gift, or purchased them from an on-line site.

I hugged DanTDM!!! :)

5 stars
Shnoozin San Diego Civic Theatre, San Diego

My son and I flew down from the Bay Area to see DanTDM, and it was worth every penny! The show was lots of fun, and Dan got the crowd involved in almost every act. After the show, my son and I waited in front of the theater for Dan to come out and give high fives to people in line. I love that he started at the end of the long line (which is where we were), and my son actually hugged Dan and got to talk to him for a second! My son is the BIGGEST DanTDM fan, and this was literally the greatest moment of his life so far! He refuses to wash the shirt he was wearing :) I am so happy we got to share this special day together. Thanks Dan for being such a creative and positive role model for kids!

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