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OMG - concert was excellent!

5 stars
PartyCrowd AT&T Center, San Antonio

Everyone did a great job putting on an awesome concert. Enrique and Pitbull were the bomb! The energy with Pitbull, his band and performers is amazing. Was disappointed that they did not come out and perform any of their songs together.

Not what I expected

3 stars
mirthammesa07 Madison Square Garden, New York

First, I bought tickets next to the second stage to see them closely. Well, "SECURITY" decided to put a person next to me which blocked me my view. They were rude and disrespectful about it too. Enrique Iglesias was somewhat cold and did not sing up to my expectations. Pitbull was awesome. I can't complain about him, he did put on a show.

Pitbull Brought the Energy!

4 stars
Kpopfan Madison Square Garden, New York

CNCO- Knowing they were the opening act is why I bought the tickets!! I had been jamming to their CD in my car everyday and was singing along and dancing when they opened at MSG :) Love from a gringa. I wish more people were in the crowd to see them, but I was in the mezzanine dancing along! They were so excited and thankful to be there. Oh Enrique, the last time I saw you was at MegaBash and I had high expectations but did not feel the energy, so I wanted to see you again and I thought it would be a different experience at MSG. However, he rarely smiled and most of the time the audience was singing and not him. Maybe that's his image and I wasn't aware... Pitbull brought the heat!!! My friend and I were dancing non-stop and forgot just how many tracks he has collaborated on and what nostalgia! I loved that after each song, he had a huge smile on his face and seemed so happy and grateful to be performing on the stage.

CNCO - was a hit

4 stars
MichuSam Madison Square Garden, New York

Great performance by all but Enrique and Pitbull did not perform together - bomber. Also, Enrique did not bring someone up on the second stage to share a shot of tequila......I was near that stage - :(.

Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull Concert

4 stars
Madison Square Garden, New York

I had been looking forward to this concert for a long time. Had considered going oversees to see them and was overjoyed when they announced dates in the U.S.A. Both performers did a great job keeping us on our feet. My biggest disappointment though was that they did not perform together. I was baffled.....not even one song......and we know they have produced several tracks together. I think they missed the opportunity to really WOW their crowd..........

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