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One of the true legends of the 20th century American singer-songwriter movement, the great Jackson Browne has been producing soulful, catchy music for over 40 productive years. His live performances are intimate, memorable occasions, treating ticket buyers to gorgeous melodies and introspective lyrics that fill the room and the hearts of concert-goers. Jackson Browne tours also include some beautiful sing-alongs, particularly for the favorite, "Load Out/Stay," a tribute to the concert-goers and the roadies. The future member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame started off his career in the folk-music hotbed of Greenwich Village, earning raves for his work with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band before embarking on a solo career. His self-titled first album, "Jackson Browne," produced his first hit, "Doctor My Eyes," and he followed up the record with the acclaimed albums, "For Everyman," "Late for the Sky" and "The Pretender." His 1977 album, "Running on Empty," was a massive hit, featuring a successful single in the title track (famously heard in "Forrest Gump") and 1980's "Hold Out" reached No. 1 on the charts. His 1980s albums, "Lives in the Balance" and "World in Motion," explored more political themes, and he maintained commercial and critical relevance with the 1990s releases "I'm Alive" and "Looking East." More recently, Browne released the excellent album, "The Naked Ride Home," in 2002, and he had another critical hit with the politically charged 2008 album, "Time the Conqueror." A member of both the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Browne has proved to be one of the most enduring and acclaimed artists of the 20th century, and his albums and live performances promise to entertain millions well into the 21st century. 


Jackson still pleases

5 stars
njtxfl Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

He was wonderful. The guitar playing was the best ever. His new material is very good.


3 stars
Seaoat Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

I saw Jackson Browne maybe 30 years ago and was very excited about this concert. It ended up being a big disappointment to me. His songs were too laid back and he only sang maybe 5 or 6 songs I was looking forward to hearing. My friend even dozed off for a few minutes. The last time I saw him, he had a full band, but I thought Greg Leisz sounded great. This is the first time I have been to a concert at Hard Rock and I loved the place. I would definitely go to another concert at the Hard Rock since it seems more intimate than American Airlines Arena.

High Quality

5 stars
Phil1Bag Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Jackson Browne blends smooth vocals and great lyrics with skilled musical talents and stage presence to present a great show! I was impressed with his band mate Greg Leisz guitar shills as well,it was a very entertaining night.

Jackson Browne acoustic at Hard Rock Cafe

3 stars
IloveCyndifan Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

Jackson's voice was as beautiful as ever. Acoustics were not great so it was really hard to hear him speak about what each song was about. Venue uncomfortable seats and cell phone usage was totally obnoxious - it is a comcert not a photo exhibition for selfish audience

Very disappointed!

3 stars
IKEARAMA Hard Rock Live, Hollywood

My wife and I both love Jackson Browne and were really looking forward to the concert at Hard Rock (one of our favorite venues). First of all, the acoustics were great, but the song choices not so much. We know that artists probably get tired of playing all of their popular music, but that's one of the reasons you go to see them. Didn't know most of the songs he sang, a lot political (but then he is), and he seemed tired and not into it. He kept saying how his Jamaica trip was good, but long. And he wasn't in tune with the crowd...when he did play an upbeat song that people knew, they were up and dancing and singing along, then when he had them going, he switched to a slow song no one knew?! He also took a really long break, about 20-25 min. in between? As he was a solo, we thought he would just play thru the 90 min. or however long. Anyway...needless to say, we left disappointed.

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