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JOURNEY IN CONCERT:As the original legends of arena rock, few bands in existence put on a show quite like Journey. Anchored by singer Arnel Pineda's thrilling vocals and Neal Schon's unstoppable guitars, the band continues to show fans, both old and new, exactly how it's done as they tear through marathon sets of classics like "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Open Arms." After a short break from their relentless tour schedule, they're primed to blow minds again in 2014, pairing up with Steve Miller Band for select dates that are sure to be the stuff of classic rock legend for years to come.SNAPSHOT BACKGROUND:San Francisco-born Journey is the quintessential arena rock band. Assembled in 1973 from the ashes of Santana and Frumious Bandersnatch, the band has since gone through a number of line-up changes — only stalwart guitarist Neal Schon has been with every incarnation. Despite a rotating roster, the band has sold 47 million albums in the US, and is consistently named one of the ten best American rock bands in history. While the '70s and '80s provided them with the most commercial success, their current manifestation with Filipino singer Arnel Pineda has given them truly global breadth.  FANS WHO BOUGHT TICKETS SAY:"Fabulous show by all. Arnel was spot on and owned the lead role. Great show...will attend every chance I get.""Great show for any age! We went with a group age range 18-43 and had a blast! Who doesn't love Journey!? Really cool show! Lost my voice singing along to every song!""This was an amazing two-hour boogie with Journey at their best! Lead guitarist Neal Schon's tenacity on the guitar was incredible!"

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Journey was the best its an unforgettable moment!

5 stars
Kathleen2016 Taco Bell Arena, Boise

Its a concert that is unforgettable one, i will never forget!

Journey Rocks

5 stars
Churchgoers Pinnacle Bank Arena, Lincoln

I've seen Journey more than 10 times and their music never gets old. Always worth the money.

Journey rocks as hard as ever!

4 stars
KiheiBob Neal S Blaisdell Arena, Honolulu

Journey kicked their first of five Hawaii concerts off with "Separate Ways!" A techno- tour-de- force of fun that had everyone at Honolulu's Blaisdell Arena on their feet. With so many hits to play, nobody sat down for the next five songs! Lead singer Arnel Pineda had them dancing in the aisles! And hey! Not to be outdone, Arnel ran out into the audience twice to get in on the groove! Guitarist Neil Shon steamrolled his way through the songs; each intro getting a screaming response from the crowd! Bassist Ross Valory laid down a rock-solid groove for every song. By the time "Wheel in the Sky" came around, the audience could easily imagine that this Bay Area supergroup was just getting started! And they were right! O.K., maybe we don't have the vocal range to sing along with Arnel - but it was sure fun trying! "Don't stop Believing" gave way to "Who's crying Now," which all the oldsters knew. Newer Journey crew members had "Stone in Love" to go along with the all-time mainstays like "Lovin', Touching', Squeezin.'" It was a super night for both generations of Journey lovers!

3 stars
Wright State University Nutter Center, Dayton

Speakers way too loud. Seems like they over powered them. When the guitar was going you could not hear the lyrics

Journey-Poor sound made them such a disappointent!

3 stars
LiveToTravel6 Wright State University Nutter Center, Dayton

Journey is one of my all-time favorite groups, and I was so psyched going into the concert! I waited out the very lack-luster performance by their cover-band Asia. That others shared my feelings was shown by the fact that over half the seats in this sell-out hall remained empty until almost the end of their performance. But once Journey began, it became immediately clear that it was not just Asia's performance that was to blame, but the sound system itself. Lyrics were muddy, and the soaring voice of their lead singer was pretty much lost in the background music for many of the songs! We were sitting somewhat left of center back, so at one point I walked around to center back to see if our position was to blame, but it was not. The sound was just as muddy there. We were at the James Tayler concert earlier this year, and the sound was amazing! What a shame that Journey didn't have his attention to detail where the sound was concerned!

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