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As funny as ever and more political

5 stars
TomRtheKinksFan The Wilbur, Boston

Paula Poundstone was as funny as ever, both in her prepared material and in her trademark spontaneous interactions with the crowd. She was also more political than usual, probably because she seems to share the utter frustration that most of her fans feel (judging by the crowd reaction) over having Trump as President. Sample one-liner: "So now the Republicans have a new version of their health plan - it's just going to cover . . . Trump. If he's feeling o.k., it'll trickle down." She also was even more vehement than usual about her concerns about cell phone and device use by young people, especially in schools. She called on, engaged with but then didn't give much time to a well-meaning special education teacher who was trying to explain that, in some ways, devices can be helpful to some children if used with guidance. But that was the rare serious moment. Mostly she was just hilarious in her unique way. I like seeing her every year or two and plan to keep doing so as long as she keeps touring.

Paula Poundstone is brilliant! And so funny!

5 stars
Achalasia The Wilbur, Boston

The theater, unfortunately, presented obstacles to enjoying this show! The room was stiflingly hot and there was practically no leg room in front of my mezzanine seat!


2 stars
eaeaea The Wilbur, Boston

Really hung up about a couple things (e.g. screen time), too much politics, preaching to the choir. I like that it wasn't a canned set though.

Wilbur was hot as HELL!

4 stars
Jcbe The Wilbur, Boston

Paula Ooundstine was amazing, but the venue was sweltering. Even she complained.

Paula was fantastic!

5 stars
SecondCityLover The Wilbur, Boston

Two plus non-stop hours of very funny routines, including a lot of improvisation. This is probably the best comedy show I've ever seen.

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