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Chicago rockers Rise Against combine passionate political messages with no-holds-barred rock aggression.  At their live shows the band performs hard-hitting anthems like "Savior" and "Re-Education (Through Labor)” against a backdrop of swirling lights and bold visuals that perfectly complement their frenetic onstage energy. Front man Tim McIlrath cuts a commanding figure on stage, holding the crowd in the palm of his hand as he leads the band through salvos about everything from politics and the environment to animal rights and vegetarianism. Prepare to witness plenty of fans head banging and rocking out as the band tears through marathon sets of their forceful yet catchy-as-heck songs on tour.


After 16 years and six incendiary albums, Rise Against has become one of the most successful, challenging, and revered punk rock bands on the planet. Rise Against have sold four million albums globally across their last four releases, with 2011's Endgame debuting at No. 1 in Germany and Canada and No. 2 in the U.S. Their sixth album The Black Market was released in September 2014 via Interscope Records and debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart.


Vegas heat.

5 stars
Freddyrox Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, Las Vegas

I was there by chance, but it was great to see Chino's set for the first time. Best of luck to all performers that night.

Def an Rise

4 stars
Birdedw Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, Las Vegas

The show was rockin out and enjoyed the DLV set up. Walked right from my hotel room at the Nug to 20 feet from the stage. Great all around.

4 stars
Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, Las Vegas

Loved it. Rise Againsed needs to play more songs though. In November 2015 they played twice as long at the same venue!

Deftones owned Vegas!!!!!

5 stars
Amandarf Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, Las Vegas

Thank god for, Deftones!!! I love rise against, but a little too much chitter chatter. Chino gave me chills numerous times, which was awesome because it was 100 degrees out. Chino is always worth sweating, for.

I wish I hadn't attended

1 stars
Amo777 Downtown Las Vegas Events Center, Las Vegas

Super hot and miserable venue, basically a giant concrete slab outside. Half naked people everywhere. Expensive drinks that you have to buy or else you die of dehydration. Horrible sound guys... no shirts on and drinking beer, volume insanely loud can't even hear the words to the singer bc the bass was so loud. Show started at 7:30 and headliner didn't even come on until nearly 11, so over 4hrs in 100+ weather. Rise Against lead singer sounded AWFUL, not sure if he was sick or on drugs, not with the music at all. The concert was VERY disappointing, waste of my money.

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