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5 stars
BigSands59 Civic Center, Pensacola

The very first time I saw Stephanie Mills was In the early 80"s on Miami Beach. She wore a form fitting black evening gown that fitted her to a tee. As a young man serving In the Marine Corp I would play her music on an eight track tape driving from Jacksonville North Carolina to Miami, Florida And buy the tine the track would have played twice I would be In the state Of Florida. The next time I saw her performance was In Pensacola, Florida In 2016 at the civic center and at the age of 58 she turned It out. Man It was like Deja vu . Both old school and new school came to their feet to join in the performance for the next half hour. The crowd loved her and that Is why Me and my wife will travel to Atlanta August 2017 at the Fox theater as a couples get away and some soulful fun loving entertainment. Thank Stephanie .

Stephanie Mills was awesome!

5 stars
Sweepers NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

Stephanie Mills was quite entertaining.The Whispers were good but o think the musicians playing the music was so loud it blocked me from hearing there voices. The show was great!

Both groups were awesome.

5 stars
Jahbre NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

I enjoyed the show, the groups reminded me of singing in the park growing up. The venue needs to be renovated because it has an odor and the my seat sunk in. My heel got stuck in the carpet when I was dancing, other than this the venue is awesome and love coming to see concerts here.

Stephanie was phenominal...Whispers not so much.

3 stars
KLizM NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

Stephanie billed as headliner but came on first. If late, out of luck! She was great but sound was poor. Whispers...i just think it's time to get your memories from their CD's!

Stephanie mills was awesome

5 stars
DENpat NYCB Theatre at Westbury, Westbury

Stephanie Mills was awesome she did her thing she could've did the show without the whispers. I love the whispers don't get me wrong Stephanie Mills could head line her own show. Her Energy, her moves her voice is still amazing

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